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Also a level 10 Alchemist on my main. Level 10 Alchemist on here now, too. Old main is Chachiix, for those that knew me on there, congrats. c:

Fact: I haven't changed my avatar since July 23rd, 2012. Changed on the 4th year of not changing it.

Welp, I'm a guy that goes by Chachii, as most may not know. This account is now my main account.

Taken by my amazing, gorgeous, among other things, girl. She knows who she is. c;

I'm currently 22 and working on building my career from ground zero, which would be a game developer. I'm into a lot of things about computers, and have built my own, as well as helped other friends build theirs. Overall, I have a vast interest in said subject, as well as anything science related.

I like to see myself as a pretty kind and caring person, but with limits. I also have a serious problem with dicking around and being a total a** to people I'm close with (who all know I'm not serious when I do that). I tend to laugh and poke fun at serious maters that shouldn't be joked about, but I go after anything, including the worst puns. It's rare for me to take offense to something other than people thinking I'm dumb. I do dumb things, however I am not dumb. It's a weird kind of mix, eh?

I love cats, and snakes, but I have cats and no snakes. 4 and half cats, 0 snakes. I am a mix of happy and sad. If you haven't noticed, I want a snake pretty bad.

Anyway, talk to me about whatever, I don't mind. I'm really carefree and pretty open minded about things, but yeah, shoot me a PM or comment if you want. c:


Make me j**z even more by buying my s**t. ;D

I do the 5% thinger, just PM me. I take offers on some times, just not stupid ones.

I also take items depending on the mood and items. Just don`t try to rip me off. However, I do not take art as payment as I am not really an art person, sorry.

If you want to be my Cash Shop supplier, I`ll be grateful. I tend to try my best to look out for you, as a supplier rather than just buy from you. c:

Hodamn, what a vend! #rekt <-- Updated

As of 5/30/2014, there is no such thing as a misprice. If you "missed" a digit, you didn`t. You wanted that price because there is a confirmation. Don`t message me about it. **Exception on items just released, I might return it if I`m feeling good.


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Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 1:29 pm
my PC is okay for a everyday computer it's not like a gaming computer though haha

lol I had one mule account I gave it to my oldest niece and now she doesn't use it much so I sometimes go on it :p
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 12:10 pm
aww i like the star themes too i also got in the liking of all the light pink and sherbert themes so cute colorful lol

i like car racing games actually i just don't have a game system to play them much
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 12:01 pm
that's the spirit smile

nothing specifically just getting anything new i see is cute lol
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:55 am
aw i am sorry i wish you the best 3nodding i got faith in you that you are able to do whatever your heart desires biggrin

i'm listening to it on youtube XD

Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:41 am
don't laugh but i am listening to N'sync and O-town lol hey i'm a 90s baby and will always love 90s music and i also like 80s and even older music
anything that sounds good is good with me and of course i'm into k-pop if you haven't noticed :p

oh nice hey maybe you can teach me a thing or two about gaming or whatever haha
i sure do like a good laugh :p

what do you do btw?
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:31 am
yeps i got a lot to sell on here loll
i'm listening to 90s throwback at the moment but i like all kinds of music mostly
that's pretty cool i'm not into games too much but i been watching a gamer on youtube playing his gta 4 and 5 and hitman it seems wicked cool!
all i play right now is Sims4 XDD
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:27 am
nice name btw, such a troll loll lol
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:26 am
oh cool on what you playing on?
nm really just listening to music and selling and buying at marketplace cool
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:18 am
going well , lol you? XD
Sachi-Uni Report | 03/28/2017 11:11 am
yo lol


Just because I have a lot/have been around a while does not, by all means, make me better than you. I stand as an equal, so don't be afraid to talk to me.

"Change how you look at all things and what you see will change.
Observer and what is observed can never break in two."

When I saw this:

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My face was emotion_0A0


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Want to learn Programming, etc?

My friend is starting to make some YouTube videos on programming and such, starting with PHP.

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