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Also a level 10 Alchemist on my main. Level 10 Alchemist on here now, too. Old main is Chachiix, for those that knew me on there, congrats. c:

Fact: I haven't changed my avatar since July 23rd, 2012. Changed on the 4th year of not changing it.

Welp, I'm a guy that goes by Chachii, as most may not know. This account is now my main account.

I'm also programming a game right now, which will be my first game. I'm a male, 23 years old and self taught with technology. I love learning about scientific and mathematical things, especially astrophysics. The universe is my second biggest passion coming close to my favorite-- creating [games].

I enjoy music more than most things, but I listen to mostly metal and video [retro] game OSTs.

Favorite Bands include:

☣ Scar Symmetry
☣ Soilwork
☣ Thousand Foot Krutch
☣ Dark Tranquility
☣ Manegarm
☣ Secret and Whisper
☣ In Flames
☣ Sirenia
☣ Northland
☣ Cradle of Filth
☣ Coheed and Camrbia
☣ Red
☣ Noumena
☣ Avantasia
☣ Edguy
☣ Machinae Supremacy
☣ Lionville
☣ Tesseract

I have four cats and I love me some snakes and other reptiles. I also want a fox. My humor is really dark, crude, vulgar, dry, and sarcastic.
Memes are destroying my life. User Image

Message me if you want to get to know me more. c:


Make me j**z even more by buying my s**t. ;D

I do the 5% thinger, just PM me. I take offers on some times, just not stupid ones.

I also take items depending on the mood and items. Just don`t try to rip me off. However, I do not take art as payment as I am not really an art person, sorry.

If you want to be my Cash Shop supplier, I`ll be grateful. I tend to try my best to look out for you, as a supplier rather than just buy from you. c:

Hodamn, what a vend! #rekt <-- Updated

As of 5/30/2014, there is no such thing as a misprice. If you "missed" a digit, you didn`t. You wanted that price because there is a confirmation. Don`t message me about it. **Exception on items just released, I might return it if I`m feeling good.


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myisharobins2 Report | 09/19/2017 5:22 am
LOL your name Thank you. cat_3nodding
One Eyed King - xo Report | 09/18/2017 3:13 pm
One Eyed King - xo
Got a good laugh out of your name when you bought my item thanks lol
Razer Report | 09/18/2017 7:24 am
Thank you!User Image
rdlg Report | 09/17/2017 5:43 am
It went on sale last week due to some Ubisoft event. And I don't really pay attention to the store most of the time so I completely missed it. I feel you btw, I've been trying to work around my schedule in uni. Luckily this year I got it to where I'm free MWF, and only have classes on T,TH. So, I'm basically living the dream.

My bad, I always thought you only need the name lmao
rdlg Report | 09/17/2017 5:29 am
Yeah, it was on sale on the PS Store. Btw, I'm already thinking of pre-ordering God of War, but since they don't have a set release date, I'm just waiting a lil' bit.

Sure, hmu on Discord: DavidL_PR
rdlg Report | 09/17/2017 5:14 am
Bro, do you know how mad I got when my friend told me it was being sold for $10 two weeks ago and I couldn't cop it because I had no idea? But, considering how bad I wanted it, I just copped it at $40 cuz I was too anxious. Update: Had to stop playing because my fingertips are really hurting at this point. Lmao, been sitting in the chair for like 2hrs already. Prob gonna hop back on in the afternoon though wink
rdlg Report | 09/17/2017 4:58 am
I'll be sure to check out your content.

Honestly, I've been playing it ever since I woke up this morning since I left it to download completely overnight. My fingers are hurting and also my wrist, but I'ma keep rocking out for a few more minutes. I already got Blitzkrieg Bop almost mastered 100%
rdlg Report | 09/17/2017 2:41 am
When I played I mostly just ran like puzzles or other people's mazes/maps etc... It keeps the game fun as you never know what you're gonna find. I liked the "Oregone" video btw 😂 Got me laughing from beginning to end lmao
rdlg Report | 09/16/2017 11:09 am
I love Minecraft my g! I'ma be sure to check out your videos. Also, Rocksmith 2014 is currently downloading on my PS4 surprised
Yougosoft Report | 09/16/2017 10:42 am
It's all good bro


"Change how you look at all things and what you see will change.
Observer and what is observed can never break in two."
Ticket Tracker
"The path becomes darker: will we reach our destiny?
Ride forward and never look back
Leave your fears behind
One day you will find your place"

When I saw this:

User Image

My face was emotion_0A0


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