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Prices are ******** right now tho



Also a level 10 Alchemist on my main. Level 10 Alchemist on here now, too. Old main is Chachiix, for those that knew me on there, congrats. c:

Fact: I haven't changed my avatar since July 23rd, 2012. Changed on the 4th year of not changing it.

Welp, I'm a guy that goes by Chachii, as most may not know. This account is now my main account.

Taken by my amazing, gorgeous, among other things, girl. She knows who she is. c;

I'm currently 22 and working on building my career from ground zero, which would be a game developer. I'm into a lot of things about computers, and have built my own, as well as helped other friends build theirs. Overall, I have a vast interest in said subject, as well as anything science related.

I like to see myself as a pretty kind and caring person, but with limits. I also have a serious problem with dicking around and being a total a** to people I'm close with (who all know I'm not serious when I do that). I tend to laugh and poke fun at serious maters that shouldn't be joked about, but I go after anything, including the worst puns. It's rare for me to take offense to something other than people thinking I'm dumb. I do dumb things, however I am not dumb. It's a weird kind of mix, eh?

I love cats, and snakes, but I have cats and no snakes. 4 and half cats, 0 snakes. I am a mix of happy and sad. If you haven't noticed, I want a snake pretty bad.

Anyway, talk to me about whatever, I don't mind. I'm really carefree and pretty open minded about things, but yeah, shoot me a PM or comment if you want. c:


Make me j**z even more by buying my s**t. ;D

I do the 5% thinger, just PM me. I take offers on some times, just not stupid ones.

I also take items depending on the mood and items. Just don`t try to rip me off. However, I do not take art as payment as I am not really an art person, sorry.

If you want to be my Cash Shop supplier, I`ll be grateful. I tend to try my best to look out for you, as a supplier rather than just buy from you. c:

best vend get rekt <-- new best vend!

As of 5/30/2014, there is no such thing as a misprice. If you "missed" a digit, you didn`t. You wanted that price because there is a confirmation. Don`t message me about it. **Exception on items just released, I might return it if I`m feeling good.


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Body Hodor Report | 12/05/2016 6:58 pm
Body Hodor
cool avi bro

we are like heaven and hell dramallama dramallama dramallama
Theirin Report | 12/05/2016 12:35 am
i do remember someone mentioning the song,
so i looked it up. that was a long time ago though!
in towns i think. 🤔 🤔

what is this goblin magic.
Theirin Report | 12/04/2016 9:53 pm
aw nice earrrr but nah. got it from dragon age.
lol when i first saw that song, i was like o snap.
tilasexcatt Report | 12/02/2016 4:28 pm
But,I Do..Family friends r dying of old age _ And my Monthly $500 Has been cut off like oxygen . Ucan give me the stuff -If Udon't want it, She doesn't mind.. But U just going to her thread and saying my name will Help me..,u're not obliged to do anything ..Of course,
tilasexcatt Report | 12/02/2016 4:18 pm
can I refer you to A friend please Shes a darling and has A charity thread Just tell her I sent you That is all that I ask /Please?
Lilliths Sinful Desires
is her name. Idc what you do With U're GiftsJust say I sent you.. if u're ok with it..
tilasexcatt Report | 11/30/2016 4:46 am
I'm soo tired of little boys playing stupid ******** games with me... I'm so done with game,I see game a Mile away And I am tired , I f I don't like someone I will just tell them ,but, these little boys , they ******** my head up soo badly yy, and rip my beating heart out of my chest.. UGGH, I don't know how much more I can take, I am unfortunately attracted to younger guys, and on the first I'll br 39-look about 22! I get carded every where I go.. I'm not Emo ,goth ,I'm a woman and a kid @ heart ,but how many times must my heart break b4 it shatters.. Y do I always get the pretty boys who end up being Bi..and ******** goddamn it, great,but, don't yo yo me!? I am so sick of all these as hats trying to get over... I'm sick of being alone in real life... I'm looking for something that I can find here but can actually materialize in real life, and get me out of my mom's house.. I'm so broken... But, I know one thing every wrong man is one man closer to the right one... now ,being that u're a genius.. Y are my trades not going through?! Not by Gaia.. But , my PC And tablet.won't open the page It's saying "Http error 500 or 005?! " Idk ,it's for my own protection, and I can't get trades page to open.. Idk how to go around this Block my security has set up... I keep on getting more Difficulty in getting into my invo.. Like, wtf? Now A day b4 my birthday?! This blows so bad.. I hate my ******** life I'm tired of sleeping by myself , now that I'm well over a year clean and sober, y is everything going haywire?! And y can't I find A real guy? I'm a good hearted person.FML. Sorry had to vent to a complete stranger Idky... @ my wits end.. I cry every night... I just..Feel like giving up,sometimes... I want to marry maybe someday... Kids.. I don't think so... Animals ..yes.. Love Em, y am I telling you this.. I'm just ******** hopeless... And I look rich but ,I am not, u can fix this stupid error on my PC like nothing,but,to me Its making it impossible to live. I hate being a blonde.
Body Hodor Report | 11/29/2016 9:44 am
Body Hodor
Thanks man!

I think imma go to sleep now since its 1.40 am
Imma go jogg tom, hit the gym then play ping pong
Body Hodor Report | 11/29/2016 8:51 am
Body Hodor
We someone says she loves you but keeps doing things to upset you

She said she loved me but she keep on seeing/meeting random guys

Most of the time I ask her to go out even for a while she will say next tim Im not ready
Then she suddenly ask some guy she met last saturday to watch a play with her
She didnt even considered asking me

I mean what the ******** hell man what the ********?!?!?
She doesnt want to ruin our current relationship I keep on holding on but she keeps of lettimg me down
I got tired of it so I told her that we stop already

Its really hard for me cause I loved her so much, but i also fvkin hate her

I feel like s**t

Today is the worst day
Im so drained
I hear mean things all day
Then this happen

******** my life
Aqeel Allen Report | 11/29/2016 1:12 am
Aqeel Allen
i just vend and exchange. i already took a month break already...but im gone get there like ya say dramallama
Aqeel Allen Report | 11/29/2016 1:07 am
Aqeel Allen
tickets are trillions... im no near that cry


Just because I have a lot/have been around a while does not, by all means, make me better than you. I stand as an equal, so don't be afraid to talk to me.

"Change how you look at all things and what you see will change.
Observer and what is observed can never break in two."

When I saw this:

My face was emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png


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