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1 of many dream avatars working more for a Ancient Katana & Sayaka Miki.

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Jinsei Higashi

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Gender: Male

Location: in the country in northern Minnesota figure it out xP

Birthday: 07/14


hello if your reading this you've found my profile anyway I don't say it very often but I have another account ask xP... yea I'm off & on... if you don't talk to me I might remove you from my friends list so you have been warned xP
anyway here's a little bout me
Mr. Higashi will work for my name for now though i have to many names i go by. I like quotes xP i cosplay and dress up as girls and guys got a problem with it? that;s your issue... anyway onward lol hope we can be friends even through my randomness heh

some stuff i like
i like to hang out
i like to listen to music
i like to play video games rpg's, puzzles, fighting. fantasy, and adventure that sorta thing
yes i like crab meat
yes i like waffles
yes i like pancakes
yes i like ice cream sandwiches
yes i like mythology
yes i love so many RPG's
yes i love so many Anime's, Manga & other stuff
yes i like some humor and jokes
i like being compared to many animals good ones anyway like eagle lion wolf fox bunny especially the last 4 their
yes i like some yuri but I'm not crazy about all of it my favorite manga is a yuri heh
yes i like being mistaken for a girl sometimes their just smarter and sometimes their just odd depends... course I'm happy I'm myself

some dislikes we all have em
sure i like having friends but sometimes id like more... and i get tired of being treated nicely only to be treated crappy later...
no i don't like being accused of stuff
no i don't like people thinking i don't remember things when sometime i remember more than they do smilies/icon_razz.gif
i don't like people expecting things of me like that i can defend myself i can't I'm slow when it comes to that sorta stuff and have taken the blame for others for years... i cant deal with being accused of stuff when i don't even know what I've said or done wrong v.v I'm oblivious to my own actions sometimes as is everyone else... it just it bums me out...
i definitely don't like feeling lonely
no i don't like jokes about cheating they kinda upset me
no i don't like heavy set people being called fluffy they ain't fluffy
no i don't care to much for yaoi ill look into it but I'm not going to get all crazy about it if you like it...
no i don't like coconut to much can only stand a small amount of it... you can has my share ^^
no i don't like Hentei much at all xP

hmm my favorite colors are currently silver & light or dark blue, also black and orange sometimes purple or maroon like blood.

Oh & I don't drink or smoke & i never will.... though i have tried some drinks cant really shun it till you try it right. I'm very lenient on many things hmm I'm mellow & somewhat calm & collected & I've been told I'm Deep i guess i am up to you to find out though....

i try to stay positive even when times are tough sometimes people misinterpret things i say >.<...

i don't trust people easy i never have & if i do trust you... you better NOT break it... cause id hate to lose you as a friend...

anyhow if you want to know more just pm me ok or you could check my journal entries at times if i was updating em hah & yes i have a good sense of humor & i need the company sometimes to talk & get to know people within reasoning & time of course xP... some people i end up missing a lot cause we fall out of contact for long periods of time which is really sad and just stinks...

movies are nice to blow time with lol XD I don't seem to get out enough at times so I seem to bug certain people & not mean to v.v also the fact i live in the country so I'm alone a lot.. not to mention I'm kinda poor i don't think people realize its a miracle I'm even online.

Oh & i own a anime / rpg style guild if your a fan of that kinda stuff you can join role play or read well that's me in a nutshell
i just updated my music list a long time ago its not here anymore so let me know if you like what you hear for the videos ^-^ - not sure if ill ever put my music thing back up... oh and i have a MAL (MyAnimeList) and a Youtube just ask.
"There's no such thing as an official cosplayer but there is such a thing as posers."


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Luka Farron13 Report | 08/15/2015 10:07 pm
Cool. Sad to say but I haven't had a chance to see game of thrones, love supernatural, and im trying to catch up on a few anime. But its been hard since ive been working.
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/15/2015 5:10 pm
Cool. So whats new?
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/14/2015 6:46 pm
Thank you. But yes im a clumsy person. xp
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/12/2015 6:22 pm
Well I wear both, but I wear contacts because im clumsy and I would most likely drop and break them. xp
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/11/2015 3:53 pm
Yeah. Nobody really says anything about it to me. The only problem I have is with it, is buying contacts. And don't worry about it, I like having all these comments.
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/10/2015 4:47 pm
I have pretty bad vision to. Both of my eyes are different, ones worse than the other.
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/07/2015 5:05 pm
Im trying to hoard gold and cash to. But when I see something I want, I cant help but buy it. Im sorry about your vision. And I will send you a pm.
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/05/2015 7:53 pm
Well I appreciate you, I mean you help me a lot. You didn't have to but you did, that makes you an awesome friend in my book. I had the same work problem back in high school. Mainly, I hate to admit, because it took me forever to get my drivers license. xp
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/02/2015 9:49 pm
I don't think your bossy. Ive been working. Ugh, so tired.
Luka Farron13 Report | 08/01/2015 8:44 am
Yeah. So whats new?
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I own 90 or more video games 12 of which are all final fantasy related xP, 2 Star Ocean, 7 hard copy Tales of games but 2 or 3 digital copies on computer as well, 2 Breath of Fire, 3 Fire Emblem, and 3 Kingdom Hearts among others ^^

S-so you made it down here //// thanks

some cool people

im 26 as of 7/14/2015
in case anyone is interested
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add me if you like but make sure i know who you are

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