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Jinsei Higashi

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Gender: Male

Location: in the country in northern Minnesota figure it out xP

Birthday: 07/14


hello if your reading this you've found my profile anyway I don't say it very often but I have another account ask xP... yea I'm off & on... if you don't talk to me I might remove you from my friends list so you have been warned xP
anyway here's a little bout me
Mr. Higashi will work for my name for now though i have to many names i go by. I like quotes xP i cosplay and dress up as girls and guys got a problem with it? that;s your issue... anyway onward lol hope we can be friends even through my randomness heh

some stuff i like
i like to hang out
i like to listen to music
i like to play video games rpg's, puzzles, fighting. fantasy, and adventure that sorta thing
yes i like crab meat
yes i like waffles
yes i like pancakes
yes i like ice cream sandwiches
yes i like mythology
yes i love so many RPG's
yes i love so many Anime's, Manga & other stuff
yes i like some humor and jokes
i like being compared to many animals good ones anyway like eagle lion wolf fox bunny especially the last 4 their
yes i like some yuri but I'm not crazy about all of it my favorite manga is a yuri heh
yes i like being mistaken for a girl sometimes their just smarter and sometimes their just odd depends... course I'm happy I'm myself

some dislikes we all have em
sure i like having friends but sometimes id like more... and i get tired of being treated nicely only to be treated crappy later...
no i don't like being accused of stuff
no i don't like people thinking i don't remember things when sometime i remember more than they do smilies/icon_razz.gif
i don't like people expecting things of me like that i can defend myself i can't I'm slow when it comes to that sorta stuff and have taken the blame for others for years... i cant deal with being accused of stuff when i don't even know what I've said or done wrong v.v I'm oblivious to my own actions sometimes as is everyone else... it just it bums me out...
i definitely don't like feeling lonely
no i don't like jokes about cheating they kinda upset me
no i don't like heavy set people being called fluffy they ain't fluffy
no i don't care to much for yaoi ill look into it but I'm not going to get all crazy about it if you like it...
no i don't like coconut to much can only stand a small amount of it... you can has my share ^^
no i don't like Hentei much at all xP

hmm my favorite colors are currently silver & light or dark blue, also black and orange sometimes purple or maroon like blood.

Oh & I don't drink or smoke & i never will.... though i have tried some drinks cant really shun it till you try it right. I'm very lenient on many things hmm I'm mellow & somewhat calm & collected & I've been told I'm Deep i guess i am up to you to find out though....

i try to stay positive even when times are tough sometimes people misinterpret things i say >.<...

i don't trust people easy i never have & if i do trust you... you better NOT break it... cause id hate to lose you as a friend...

anyhow if you want to know more just pm me ok or you could check my journal entries at times if i was updating em hah & yes i have a good sense of humor & i need the company sometimes to talk & get to know people within reasoning & time of course xP... some people i end up missing a lot cause we fall out of contact for long periods of time which is really sad and just stinks...

movies are nice to blow time with lol XD I don't seem to get out enough at times so I seem to bug certain people & not mean to v.v also the fact i live in the country so I'm alone a lot.. not to mention I'm kinda poor i don't think people realize its a miracle I'm even online.

Oh & i own a anime / rpg style guild if your a fan of that kinda stuff you can join role play or read well that's me in a nutshell
i just updated my music list a long time ago its not here anymore so let me know if you like what you hear for the videos ^-^ - not sure if ill ever put my music thing back up... oh and i have a MAL (MyAnimeList) and a Youtube just ask.
"There's no such thing as an official cosplayer but there is such a thing as posers."


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Determined Milla Report | 07/14/2014 6:00 am
Saw it's your birthday today, happy birthday. c:
Determined Milla Report | 07/14/2014 6:00 am
Saw it's your birthday today, happy birthday. c:
Curtiss Jade Report | 07/06/2014 8:56 am
Aw, man... You copied my avatar on my Katrea Rutee account on your Milla....
I Kairi l Report | 07/03/2014 8:05 am
Hello! Thanks for sending a friend request~
Nice to meet you.
Millia Maxwell Report | 06/27/2014 4:13 am
MoruDashi Report | 06/20/2014 8:53 am
Thank you o u o
-l- Broken Crystal -l- Report | 05/29/2014 5:34 am
ur welcome 3nodding
-l- Broken Crystal -l- Report | 05/29/2014 5:16 am
ur avi is adorable!! emotion_kirakira
Jurassic Acid Report | 05/20/2014 7:23 pm
Bits of a song
In your eyes I'm looking for any kind of sign...

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Orphan Black is pretty interesting so far, I'm only a little in but its really fast paced! So far it hasn't had a dull moment! As for Vikings, Vikings is a History Channel series sooooo... Yeah. It's based off the legend of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family so like if you know the history you can get the gist of the show! It's really interesting though and the cinematography is pretty wonderful!

Rory is probably one of my favorite characters from Smiths era soooo I'm gonna have to disagree there. I think the way the wrapped up the Ponds story line was actually kinda nice, like it ended with them both being together and from what we know happy so yeah. I am a-okay with how that ended. I'm just not that big a fan of the actual story telling in the latest episodes. Like it seems to me that the story is all over the place and full of all sorts of holes. Like I still love the show but that doesn't mean the story is less shitty. Like the shows always had some pretty weird story arcs and plot holes out the a** but it seems like as of late they haven't even really been trying? I don't know, that's just my opinion.
I'm hoping that with Peter Capaldi bringing some new fresh life to the character(hopefully) they also add in some more solid consistent story lines. And maybe a little more character development with like Clara and s**t. Like they had so much potential with Clara's story and then they just kinda s**t all over it in my opinion :c

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... to let me know that I can put my faith in you.
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Jurassic Acid Report | 05/18/2014 5:11 pm
Bits of a song
In your eyes I'm looking for any kind of sign...

↓ ~‎♥~ ↓ ‎

Eeeheheh thank you dear~
To be honest it was just randomly thrown together and then I ended up liking it enough to save it!

I've been watching a lot of Vikings lately! And I've been slowly making my way through Once Upon a Time and Orphan Black. Also a loooot of Kitchen Nightmare. Kitchen Nightmar is like constantly on BBCAmerica so its nice to just have going in the back ground while doing other things like reading, drawing and playing Minecraft!

I'm waiting for the new season of DW, I'm hoping its going to be better then its been lately! I hope the new Doctor is amazing!

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... to let me know that I can put my faith in you.
By Alex Day

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I own 90 or more video games 12 of which are all final fantasy related xP, 2 Star Ocean, 7 hard copy Tales of games but 2 or 3 digital copies on computer as well, 2 Breath of Fire, 3 Fire Emblem, and 3 Kingdom Hearts among others ^^

S-so you made it down here //// thanks

some cool people

ill be 25 as of 7/14/2014
in case anyone is interested
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