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Jinsei Higashi

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Gender: Animal

Location: in the country in northern Minnesota figure it out xP

Birthday: 07/14


hello if your reading this you've found my profile anyway I don't say it very often but I have another account ask xP... yea I'm off & on... if you don't talk to me I might remove you from my friends list so you have been warned xP
anyway here's a little bout me
Mr. Higashi will work for my name for now though i have to many names i go by. I like quotes xP i cosplay and dress up as girls and guys got a problem with it? that;s your issue... anyway onward lol hope we can be friends even through my randomness heh

some stuff i like
i like to hang out
i like to listen to music
i like to play video games rpg's, puzzles, fighting. fantasy, and adventure that sorta thing
yes i like crab meat
yes i like waffles
yes i like pancakes
yes i like ice cream sandwiches
yes i like mythology
yes i love so many RPG's
yes i love so many Anime's, Manga & other stuff
yes i like some humor and jokes
i like being compared to many animals good ones anyway like eagle lion wolf fox bunny especially the last 4 their
yes i like some yuri but I'm not crazy about all of it my favorite manga is a yuri heh
yes i like being mistaken for a girl sometimes their just smarter and sometimes their just odd depends... course I'm happy I'm myself

some dislikes we all have em
sure i like having friends but sometimes id like more... and i get tired of being treated nicely only to be treated crappy later...
no i don't like being accused of stuff
no i don't like people thinking i don't remember things when sometime i remember more than they do smilies/icon_razz.gif
i don't like people expecting things of me like that i can defend myself i can't I'm slow when it comes to that sorta stuff and have taken the blame for others for years... i cant deal with being accused of stuff when i don't even know what I've said or done wrong v.v I'm oblivious to my own actions sometimes as is everyone else... it just it bums me out...
i definitely don't like feeling lonely
no i don't like jokes about cheating they kinda upset me
no i don't like heavy set people being called fluffy they ain't fluffy
no i don't care to much for yaoi ill look into it but I'm not going to get all crazy about it if you like it...
no i don't like coconut to much can only stand a small amount of it... you can has my share ^^
no i don't like Hentei much at all xP

hmm my favorite colors are currently silver & light or dark blue, also black and orange sometimes purple or maroon like blood.

Oh & I don't drink or smoke & i never will.... though i have tried some drinks cant really shun it till you try it right. I'm very lenient on many things hmm I'm mellow & somewhat calm & collected & I've been told I'm Deep i guess i am up to you to find out though....

i try to stay positive even when times are tough sometimes people misinterpret things i say >.<...

i don't trust people easy i never have & if i do trust you... you better NOT break it... cause id hate to lose you as a friend...

anyhow if you want to know more just pm me ok or you could check my journal entries at times if i was updating em hah & yes i have a good sense of humor & i need the company sometimes to talk & get to know people within reasoning & time of course xP... some people i end up missing a lot cause we fall out of contact for long periods of time which is really sad and just stinks...

movies are nice to blow time with lol XD I don't seem to get out enough at times so I seem to bug certain people & not mean to v.v also the fact i live in the country so I'm alone a lot.. not to mention I'm kinda poor i don't think people realize its a miracle I'm even online.

Oh & i own a anime / rpg style guild if your a fan of that kinda stuff you can join role play or read well that's me in a nutshell
i just updated my music list a long time ago its not here anymore so let me know if you like what you hear for the videos ^-^ - not sure if ill ever put my music thing back up... oh and i have a MAL (MyAnimeList) and a Youtube just ask.
"There's no such thing as an official cosplayer but there is such a thing as posers."


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Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/22/2014 11:54 pm
Yeah well we were never forced to to share anything really other than a few things and that's about it.

And I guess after a while people get tired of sharing things cause I know I do (sometimes) and its also annoying when someone is constantly talking about what you have and how its unfair is it. I mean I have things that you don't have and you have things that I don't have, ya know? But anyway yeah, that's very true on how certain collectables are hard to find/get and how rare it is, too. I went to gamestop can't remember when tho but anyway I did have a hard time finding games for the PS2 and I was like (It's probably because of that new PS4 game system or whatever) that games for the PS2 are getting harder to find. But um, I did find a different store to buy games :3 so I might have a better chance at finding rare games.

Okay. Now I'm not saying people can't forget things or anything but people also shouldn't have a habit of breaking promises to the point where you can't seem to trust them anymore when they say their going to do something for you. I've dealt with too many people who are like that whether it be relatives or non-relatives. And sometimes, it isn't always about who their with or anything that runs over them or whatever, some people just have a tendency of not keeping their word which makes them fall into being a lier.

Okay um... Some of those titles I did get like, Colette's Dog lover one (I think that's what its called) and Genis' no gel title, and the no death ones (on my second play-through) and as for the other ones um can't remember if I did or not but I do know for a fact I haven't gotten the combined levels one.

Mhm switching up between different things does help cause I know what I'm not in the mood for. :3

Yeah hopefully, it does come out during that time for a reasonable price cause I've been wanting it for a while now but just haven't been able to save up for it like I'd wanted to back then but now I can.^^

Okay not being able to use for laptop for a while wasn't a big deal to me cause I'm not one of those people who spends half of their days online anyway so I wasn't all that upset about it, I guess. I mean, yeah at times I might spend a lot of time online only cause I don't do it all the time but most of the time I'm doing something else, like using it for looking up different anime and video game outfits to make or for watching my shows, etc.

Ah I see~ well at least you were able to get your moneys worth with that bundle then. :3
Jurassic Acid Report | 04/20/2014 9:46 pm
Bits of a song
In your eyes I'm looking for any kind of sign...

↓ ~‎♥~ ↓ ‎

Aaaaaaw thank you dear! Imma pretty princess <3

I've been pretty good, not much has really changed! Looking for work, doodling art, you know... the usual XD
How have you been darling?

↑ ‎~♥~ ↑ ‎
... to let me know that I can put my faith in you.
By Alex Day
Determined Milla Report | 04/17/2014 9:42 pm
lol no problem. i still have so many still.
Determined Milla Report | 04/16/2014 6:58 pm
lol i have like 7 of it from those new grabbags in loyal shop. and it be a waste to sell cause they are cheap so im giving some away instead. i'll give you one though.
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/14/2014 2:31 pm
My sister and I don't share games unless we actually put our money together to get one or something, ya know?
And even though our games and other stuff aren't shared we don't have a problem playing together nor do we have a problem with who owns what.

It's all in the family still so its not like I can't play it.

And besides, I don't really see a point in being jealous over little things such as that, you can easily get it yourself whenever you're able to, ya know?
So yeah I normally don't trip over on what other people have cause its not even worth it.

And we all that those family members who make promises and doesn't keep them, so yeah, I understand on how you feel on that one.
But since I already know how they are and stuff like that I learnt not to trust them whenever they say their going to do such and such a thing for me.
Its sad it has to be that way but what can you do when that person isn't trustworthy, ya know?

Okay normally, when I play any Tales games or any other games, I try to get through the whole game without running away and I have a few times and it was hard. I think I did that with my first play through of Tales of the Abyss and I had no Deaths, either. I didn't see the death screen of abyss until I let one of my nephews play it. lol Anyway, I died mutitable times on Tales of Symphonia, tho, and ran away a couples of times when being too weak to fight the random encounters.

Yeah I know all games are the same regardless of where and what you play it on.
I tend to get bored with things temporary is what I should have wrote. But it is hard to find things that don't bore me, tho.

Yeah I had a chance at getting it when they kept releasing it and the price of the item started to deflate but I stopped checking my Gaia for a while and when I came back to buy one of those items; all of the low priced ones were gone and I wasn't going to pay anything over 40million for one item when I can buy a bundle and get so much more stuff. So anyway yeah I didn't buy it because of that and now I regret it.

I use to want that husky item but not anymore cause I liked the Siku the White Wolf one more and I was able to get one when it deflated and I paid around 2mill or 3mil for mine. I did have enough for the brown wolf (with cash) but wasn't able to log on due to spending too much time on my laptop (not mad about it, tho) but yeah I didn't get it. I made a decent amount of millions within one day (on a different account) and it was by selling fishes, two unwanted inks, and some other junk that sells.

Ah I see. So you made 50-46 million by selling a bundle? Did you feel it was worth it, spending your cash on that?
cause well don't I think so. I mean, I've earned a lot of gold other ways without selling any bundles to do it.
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/12/2014 10:19 am
Well. When my brother moved out he took all his games and stuff (of course) but it was never shared, tho.
We just played it. We all had our own game systems anyway.

And even if I did want to play his games again I would just go to his place or something
or sometimes he would just bring the games over to our house. :3

Well I'm glad you told me that tip ahead of time :3 so now, when I do get it someday
I'll already know what to do as for gald wise. : D

Yeah well a lot of things just bore me and its hard to find things that don't.
I'm currently bored with anime right now ( if you can't tell) and I'm scared video games may be next. o.o

I had a chance at getting Saint Ciel Agape but didn't buy for some strange reason and now I regret it badly.
Oh well, I'll get it when I get it. Its no biggie and this inflation is only bad cause its so easy to earn gold.

Yeah you do tend to get rusty at things when you don't keep at it.
And oh! I finished the Milla outfit last night :3 I'm going to take a picture of it later
when I get back home cause I'm going somewhere today with the family.

Ah I see, well yeah I guess 500million isn't a lot to some people nowadays due to this Gaia inflation.
500mil will always be a lot of gold to me no matter how bad the Gaian economy is.
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/09/2014 11:23 am
Yeah trading with friends would best but what I really want from one of them is their "Legend of Zelda" collection, though I know he won't give it to me.
Waah! I want it so badly. We've been looking for that thing for like forever now, and no luck. But we were able to get our hands on a different game we've been searching for, tho. :3

Oh and, thanks for the Symphonia gald tip.

Yeah well I think my reasons for losing interest in things quickly is because of me being a very hard person to keep entertain. I mean, cause, like, we went to the movies some weeks back with some friends and I didn't find the movie all that exciting as much they did. I mean, yeah it was funny at some parts but its not something I would want to watch again. It was to slow for me. >.< But yeah, as you said, there's animes for everyone I just gotta find it and feel like watching it but lately I haven't been in the anime mood, that's all.

Yeah the items with the lesser poses and options be the main ones costing so much.
I think that's just weird cause shouldn't the items with more options cost more? But eh, I guess not.

I'm really hoping everything comes out nicely, I've gotten way better, so, yeah we'll see. And speaking of Sasuke, I got spoiled real bad on something I should have been known about but stopped watching and reading the Naruto manga. And I am so upset about that but there's noting I can do about it but just catch up now. -_-

Oh. I think I saw some announcement about bidding but didn't read it all the way through. oO
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/08/2014 9:09 am
I didn't think you would or ever will sell any games you have cause you seem like you love this stuff more than I do.
I lose interest in things way to quickly and it takes me a long time to finally get back into it.
I might just give the games away to someone else who loves them or trade them my games for theirs.

I was never really into anime to begin with so that's basically why I can go years without watching it.
I like anime in all but I get sick of it after a while I rather watch something that's non-fiction than fiction or something that isn't anime base.

Yeah this inflation is really bad, so now, I'm just going to keep saving up gold again until items deflate.
Selling junk during this inflation is good in a way but at the same time it makes you realize how bad it really is when junk actually sells for 3mil and over.

Anyway, yeah sure, I don't mind showing you the Milla outfit once its done. I also might make Leia's outfit as well cause I think her outfit design is so cute.^^
lol yeah Tsunade was kind of easy in a way to make but I'm still not very pleased with it. The next outfit from Naruto I plan to make is Sasuke's Shippuden one. :3

Yeah I think its the users fault as well for constantly listing items high in the marketplace and now we have this inflation on our hands again.
Its very upsetting cause some of the items were finally reasonable and affordable. Ugh.
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/07/2014 1:28 pm
Oh? Well. I'm about to start getting rid of certain games I know for a fact I don't want to finish which are the Final Fantasy ones (for sure) and probably some other games I forgot I even had. Yeah I don't play my game system often so I tend to forget I even have one. And I seriously need to catch up on my anime but don't feel like doing it. Oh well. But the outfits that I were talking about were not Gaia related I was talking about the outfits that I make and sew. I made Granny Tsunade's outfit but not liking on how it turned out cause the colors are a bit off only because I was working with what I already had. I do plan to make Milla's outfit someday (curious on how it will turn out) I'm also going to remake other outfits I've made in the past from certain animes / video games. And yes, I do make my own styles, too, if you were wondering. I just like testing out other things just to see if I am actually capable of doing it. :3

Well. Glad to know its not my laptop acting up anymore. And I'm really hoping this re-inflation doesn't last long, it messed up my shopping real bad and I hate having to wait for things to deflate again.
Lady Asch the Bloody Report | 04/06/2014 8:53 pm
Yeah it has been a while and you know what? I was actually going to send you a message but you sent a comment to me first. How have you been? I hope well. And you say you haven't been having much headaches since you've gotten a memory foam pillow? Well I may need to get myself one of those cause these headaches are pretty much daily for me. But yeah, besides the headache part I've been well. Mhm just been experimenting with a lot things lately and I think I'm pretty much done. I made a couple of new outfits and I am dying already to make more but can't seem to think of what it is I want to make next yet. It'll probably be a dress or something...? oO I dunno. But yeah, "Bates Motel" is a good show. I like it, so far. :3 And as for anime, I still need to catch up on with some of the older ones, and find some interesting newer animes to watch. Oh and, speaking of video offers. I was wondering why it wasn't working for me sometimes because I didn't have ad blocker disable. lol And here I thought it was something dealing with my flash player and it wasn't. Wow... xP
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I own 90 or more video games 12 of which are all final fantasy related xP, 2 Star Ocean, 5 hard copy Tales of games but 2 or 3 digital copies on computer as well, 2 Breath of Fire, 3 Fire Emblem, and 3 Kingdom Hearts among others ^^

S-so you made it down here //// thanks

some cool people

I'm on PS3 as
add me if you like

other gaia accounts of mine