Nothing is outside of the text. Every communication is textural. One shouldn't use everything external to the work itself. Every communication is in some way textual. There is nothing outside of the text because everything is the text. Text is troubling because it doesn't really contain meaning. It's just a bunch of symbols and noises that are stand ins for the actual ideas, meaning that everything is at least a little ambiguous. In other words, to communicate, you have to use representation, basically a detour of signs. That means everything is open to interpretation. Robs the authors interpretation of it's authority, doesn't it? Is there a way to communicate the precise thoughts of the creator?

I'm Amanda. I'm 22. I like to draw, and read about culture and myths. Also, who doesn't like a psychological challenge from time to time?

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Who are we as a creation to judge a creator by our standards when he is the one who created the law in the first place?
A god is not a son of man but indeed a creator, and in that fact would excuse that god from the law of what society has deemed worthy as a way of life it has psychologically programmed into our brains over the years of its development.
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