Jim Mcahren (born 19 March 1984) is a British professional wrestler better known by his ring name Jimmy Havoc. He is the current and longest reigning Progress Wrestling champion.

United Kingdom (2004-Present)
Jimmy Havoc trained at NWA UK Hammerlock under Andre Baker and Jon Ryan, alongside the likes of Zack Sabre Jr and Fergal Devitt before making his debut in 2004. Wrestling exclusively under the Hammerlock banner until 2006, he made his first appearances outside of the promotion for Triple X Wrestling where he first started appearing as a "deathmatch" or hardcore wrestler. He quickly became known as one of the top deathmatch wrestlers in Europe, debuting for IPW:UK in 2008, Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling in 2009 and appearing on a joint show between WXW and US hardcore promotion Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) in 2010. Havoc appeared in European versions of the CZW Tournament of Death in both 2010 and 2012. As of 2013 he appears in some of the UK's top wrestling promotions, including Southside Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling (challenging once for their top title the ICW Heavyweight Championship) and Progress Wrestling.[3]

Since 2013, Havoc has toned down and reduced the number of hardcore matches he does, instead focusing on a brawling style using more elements of his traditional wrestling background. Previously wrestling primarily as a babyface, he turned heel in Progress Wrestling in November 2013 and subsequently turned in almost all promotions he appears in.

Mexico (2007-Present)
On 14 May 2007, Havoc Made his First appearence for Mexican Promotion World Wrestling Association Where he defeated Extreme Tiger. On the following day he teamed with Damien 666 to defeat Extreme Tiger and Crazy Boy. He made next appearence for the promotion On 12 September 2008, Where he Once again defeated Extreme Tiger. On 20 September 2008 Havoc receieved his first loss in WWA when he was Defeated by Perro Aguayo Jr Thus Starting a feud between the two. The feud saw Havoc making his first appearence For Perros Del Mal Promotion which was run and owned by Perro aguayo Jr Thus making his first appearence For Other Promotions Beside WWA. Where he defeated Perro Aguayo in a Singles Match. On 23 April 2009, He teamed with Super Crazy to defeat Perro Aguayo and Chessman. On October 27, 2009 He was Defeated by Perro Aguayo in a Hardcore match. After the Match he was attacked by perros del mal members thus igniting his feud with Perro Aguayo. On January 2010, he defeated Chessman. On 18 April 2010, he defeated another perros del mal member Joe lider. On 18 November he made his debut for International Revolution Wreatling Group Where he Unsuccessfully Challenged Gama Jr For The IWRG Intercontinental Championship. On 12 March 2011 He defeated Perro Aguayo in a Tables Match. Thus ending his feud with Perro Aguayo. On 29 October 2011 he made his return to Mexico with The IWRG event. Where he defeated Pierroth Jr. On 12 December, he Once again defeated Pierroth Jr in a Singles Match. On 17 November 2012, he made His first Appearence for Biggest Promotion in Mexico Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Where he teamed with Shocker to defeat Rush And Negro Casas. He made another appearence for CMLL On 13 March 2013, in which he defeated Rush in Singles Compitition]]. On 17 November 2013 he defeated Negro Casas in a Singles match. After the match Negro Casas attacked him thus Igniting their feud. On 12 February 2014, He was Defeated by Negro Casas thus giving his First Loss in CMLL. On 29 June 2014 he defeated Negro Casas What billed as Final encounter between the two. On 23 November 2014 he made his return to CMLL where he defeated Maximo. On 12 December he Once again defeated Maximo. On 12 January 2015 he