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Hello, my name is
I've been here on gaia off 'n on since early 2006.
I have Meniere's disease, which tends to cause a lot of anxiety and depression, so if I don't talk to you or I don't make much sense it's probably because I got very anxious at the time. Sorry, I don't mean to be a d**k!
Yes, I'm taken--please don't hit on me.
I really like 3rd wave ska, I have a dog, and my favorite color is blue.
[insert more info you don't care about here]

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"So you're born in the capital of the world and you can never escape. And that's how it is because that's how everyone wants it to be. It is all about want. No one needs anything here. It is about when you wake up in the morning and the snow is already coming down and it's bright between the buildings where the sun falls but already dark where the shadows are. And it's all about the want. What do you want? Because if you don't want something you've got nothing. You are adrift. You're washed away and then buried under the snow and shadows. And when in the spring the snow melts, no one will remember where you were frozen and buried. And you will no longer be anywhere."


this changes a lot


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I'm just putting things in here.

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