Just call me by my username, shorten it, whatever. (Jill, Jillie, Jillipoo, Jilliebean) whatever little cute nickname idc.
I am still a youthful at heart but saying that I am quite wise beyond my years. I can be an old soul. Even though I am twenty four. xD

I LOVE TWD (The Walking Dead)!!!!, Fables, Teen Wolf, Video games, reading, Roleplaying, chatting randomly, Marvel, DC, cosplaying and entering in arena sometimes,Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, drooling over smexy actors, Scream the TV show, Movies, Nice people, blah blah blah. (Will add onto it)

If you like to RP and want to rp with me just inbox me and ask what RP's I like. c: I don't bite haha! I might politely decline If I have too many RP's already or if I don't show interest in the idea. I don't do guild roleplays, sorry.

I am rather nice and I will chat with nice people, no jerks. If you are rude to me or my friends you should prepare for an a$$ whooping!
Um I don't know what else to put so....
~Vanishes into puff of smoke~ Mwah! emotion_bigheart