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◕ ◡ ◕~Give Me Art?~◕ ◡ ◕

◕ ◡ ◕

-(cha time⚙)


-(Purrsome Pixie⚙)



-(Darkest Blackrose⚙)




-(xx I met my fate xx⚙)




-(Galactic Donuts⚙)


-(Alexandrite Mukaida⚙)




-(summer m a r s h⚙)

And that's just the colored art~ ;D

Mary (JI a r v i s)
15 Nov.7

Gaia since '09, got hacked came back '11
U.U Middle-Class Gaian. : D

Likes Nutella, Watermelon, Chai Tea,
Ham & Cheese Clover Chips, Horchata,
Milo, and Honeydew Bobaloca

Self-Racist Asian

Wants to Major And Get A Master's Degree In
Civil Engineering(Structural or Construction),
And Minor In
Architecture(Possibly Get A Master's In That Too)
Dream Schools:
-RICE University(Houston TX)
-UC Irvine(Irvine CA)
U.U If My Parents Let Me, And If I Get In.

I'm OBSESSED And IN LOVE with MUSIC And The Arts.
I've Been Told That I'm A Jack Of All Trade When It Comes To Art.
I Draw.
I Dance.
I Sing.
I Write Fiction.
I Write Poetry.
I Sew.
I Act.
I Design.
I Also Take Photography
(Pic At The Bottom Was Naturally Taken By Camera ;DD)
I Play TONS Of Instruments....>.> I Hop Around A Lot >.<
This Is All Just Hobby Though Since I Believe It's Not
Practical To Go Into These Fields And Expect A
Good Pay. That's Why I Compromised For Engineering.
I Love Math Too....GAWD I'm A Nerd...smilies/emo.gif

Like Memes and Rage Comics
Avid 9Gagger
LOVES Anime and Manga(Just like the other
99.99% of Gaia)

Spends a lot of time on forums
Spends A Lot Of Time Looking For Art.
Constantly Trying To Find A Way To Get Gold
Loves Art Freebies
Keep Trying To Attempt Making An Art Shop
(My Art Isn't Half Bad And I Could Probably
Sell At A Really Good Price, But I Just Get Extremely

Is Annoyed Of Belligerent People

No I Don't Live In The Philippines
I Live In CA

Don't Really Accept Random Friend Requests

Lots of Love,


Look It's Me!~ ^__^

1. Live To Eat
2. Live To Learn
3. Live To Help
4. Live To Play Music
5. Live To Explore The World

JI a r v i s
Brobdingnagian Gonads

This Capitalization
Of The First Letter In All
Words Is To Irritate You
Grammar Nazis. smilies/icon_heart.gif