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Every one, has a heart
we use it for ourselves, selfishly, unselfishly. It makes up who you are.
A heart breaks, a heart heals, a heart keep us alive.
There is more then just a physical organ, beating in our chest
it is painful when love breaks, because love hurts that heart.
But with all things, it can be mended with the right tools.
Glue, tape, staples, it depends on you, and what makes you happy.
Some people choose to ignore their heart, and use their head instead.
Calculating, emotionless. Everything counting on a something for everything value.
But I know the people in my life, use their hearts for me.
They live on so they can make others live on.

My name is Jestersrose. Jester or rose is fine either way. I am Twenty-one years old, and I live in Australia, I love to write and read, draw, sing, and roleplay. If you need to know anything else just send me a PM. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

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