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xxxThe Basics:

xxx My name is Jessy Ellen, I am female, of legal age, and I do not smoke or drink. I am bisexual and I have a loving boyfriend whom I know in real life and have been with since April 7th, 2013. He's letting me have a girlfriend, so... don't be surprised if you're a girl and I'm a little flirty. Sorry! I am a loving person and I am very neutral in the sense that I like to see an entire picture before judging it, hear both sides to a story before potentially taking sides. I'm a resolver, not a solver. I can give good advice, but even I have a hard time following my own advice.

xxx I love to write - though I get writer's block often. I try to write general fiction that is relateable to my readers. Lately, I'm trying to gain the energy I need to even continue writing. I have a vlog on YouTube that I use as sort of a video diary, so you're free to watch my videos if you like! I currently have three books published in my book shop online that are available for buying if you so please.

xxx The kind of person I am to you depends on how kind you are to me. I am not rude, I am honest. I just ignore the pointless forum trolling. I consider rude comments in my threads or videos to be bumps, so thank you haters for bringing up my posts and views. I do my very best not to be rude and I will always be loyal to those who treat me with respect. I am a loving friend and never will abandon those who show me love and compassion. I will love them in return. As my heritage suggests, I am loyal like a wolf and easy-going and practical like the owl.

xxx As you can see, I really love Winnie the Pooh! But I also like vampires and horror stuff. Also I swear like a sailor. I try not to when I'm dressed as Pooh, because... come on. Childhood hero plus sailor mouth? I don't think that'd sit too well with me. Oh, I also have a DeviantART where I write bad poetry and paint terrible abstract art. I also do convenience photography (photography with a pretty good Windows 8 Phone) and am in the process of writing a Minecraft FanFic. So yeah! Anything you wanna know about me, just message me. I'm too scared and shy to start talking to strangers. Oh, and I update my siggy pic and social media pics often. That's it! Get to know me n' stuff. Bye! Also, please check out my journal. Bai!


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