Hello world of Gaia. Here is some stuff about me.
Name: Jessica.
Age: Only my friends can know.
Lives: United States.
Likes: Drawing, Sonic, Mario, playing computer, Wii, PS3, PS2, cats, dogs, being spazzy, laughing, running, sleeping, eating, video games, making friends, comics, anime, TV, talking to people, music, helping people, and more that I will not list... <w<
Dislikes: Fighting, being yelled at, pink, losing friends, death, screaming, going to Mexico, when my parents don't let me go somewhere, JUSTIN BEIBER, country music, jazz, metal/screamo, and seeing people get hurt.
Shows: Sailor Moon, Invader Zim, Ouran High School Host Club, Full Metal Alchemist, Sargent Frog, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ghost Whisperer, and more.
I randomly may act hyper because I literally get hyper off of anything. XD So that's all about me. If you want to know more please PM me and I may answer your questions. smilies/icon_smile.gif BUH BYE~
Oh and you could also find me on DeviantArt and Youtube under the username "JessicaTehBat"
Jessica The Bat