I rarely accept random friend requests.

All items on my wish list will also be accepted in different colors.

Anon. (Lilac Empire Sparkle Dress)
n i n j a action (500g)
Covet Vanity (2000g)
Anon. (Tsunami KO Classic Coat, Dashing Gentleman Classic Dress Shirt, Dark Monk's Robe, Zhou Yu's Staff, Coraline Antique Gold Key, White Bakeneko Bottom, Secret Butterflies, White Bakeneko Tail, White Bakeneko Top, Dashing Gentleman Onyx Sash, Elegant Lord's Mask (Diamond Studs), Black Tricorner Hat)
[Kamdage and Rayne Bloodstone were two of the ABs.]
Tasn Zheng (Sapphire Grand Drapes)
Such A Catastrophe (Sunburn)
Kamdage (Princess Kaguya, Cherry Blossom)
Anon. (Ghost Cape, FELINES - Monkutan, Imperial Queen, Victorianna Lemon Cream Lace Blouse, Royal Cloak Blue, Rose=Tinted Glasses, Silver Champagne Part Balloons, The Cosmos, Pink Rose Wristlet Corsage)
Kamdage (May 2010 Letter)
Lady-Wizzard-Karris (Starcrossed Lovers' Tragedy, Red Rose Wrist Corsage)
Kamdage (Fremere's Guard)
Lady-Wizzard-Karris (Elemental Hair)
lynksoul (Laurels)
Various anons. (variety of items-sorry I lacked in doing the full list, but I still appreciate it!)
Anon. (Eloquent Cap)
Yoru Kurosawa (Calico Goldfish in a Bag)
Such a Catastrophe (Yellow and Orange Sour Patch Kids Buddies)
Various other people for various other gifts. (I need to update this more often.)
Anon. (Fraulein Marzen, Purple Dark Elf Potion, Geist the Spitz)
probably Hidden Arc (Nautilus)
Anon. (Crowning Twister)
Tasn Zheng (Western Zodiac)
Anon. (Mythic Hair)
luhft (Kachina Clown Hat, Fabulous Aqua Shockqua Pumps)
The Gentleman Gifter (Aquatica)
Luzianne (Serpentine Priestess)
Tasn Zheng (Fall Groom)
Anon. (Ebony Sewell, Bug Face-Hugger)
Luzianne (Lilac Finch)
Anon. (Zodiacal)
Carmella Fernagon (Superior Form)
luhft (Skittles Crazy Core Top Hat)
Anon. (Bunny Luv, Rainbow Jubilee)
GlitteryPanda (Elegant Violet Satin Corset)
Anon. (Teal Juggling Ball)
clockwerksentinel (Uncanny Form, Zebra Sukutai, Briar's Shot, Elegant Orange Ruffles, Forlorn Opera Singer, Kottan Bell, Reve Rouille)
Reglare Excile (Revive)
Anon. "Private L.L. Church" (Red Web Strap Shoes)
Luzianne (Fancy Man's Fez)
Anon. (Captcha Pod)
clockwerksentinel (Juno's Lace, Imaginary Friend, Maximilian the Snowdog, Sorrow's Preamble, The Adumbral Empress, Mademoiselle Magpie, Triple Seven Bandit, Amethyst Extravagance Gown)

Maybe someday....
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What goes through my head

This includes my old journal on food and my new one on, well, what goes through my head.


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Wren Larksong

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Sweet kaydee

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Wes Whitman

Thank you for your purchases come again.

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