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Ash owns my heart and body. XP ILUASH <333

I'm Moo-Moo-Chan's (My Moo-ness) pimp, yoz. smilies/icon_wink.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif
I'm Kitten's suga mama. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
Mr Nagami Kitsune is my Christian, kitsune Gaia beau <3
Helloweener is mah puddle-love hubbeh. XD
ginseku is mah secondary Gaian hubbeh XD
Huggleberry Finn is mah new waifu! Ilubby! XD
Kawaii Onyx is my twinneh~
Devon is my fwfb 4life~

2. Mivaelianyn <3
3. Drejan Vith (My chocolate luva <3)
4. Ana Banana/Fanny/PFan <3 (MAD love to you, bebe!)
5. Lady Gaea :'D
6. Fang <3
7. Spontaneous Orgasms <3
8. Huggleberry Finn <33

1. Shiro Nishida (ohohoho)
(Ginseku and Helloweener are here honorarily~)

1. Alone.In.A.Crowded.Room/Meg <3
2. So-naa aka So-So <3
3. Dfrnt luv <3 (mmm sexy rose monster)

1. Pantsu Prince (The ONLY bunny for me!)
2. Damean Blodricther <3
3. Chamo <3
4. vampiricpoet <3
5. GCA (my little lamb) <3
6. Alteau XD (See also: Knight)
7. King_Masters (Who is also my sugar daddy, lol.)
8. Rai_Shinobi (aka Valen)
9. Alexandria Harding <3
10. Ancient Necros (Who is also my yasashii kitsune!)
11. Pantsman_Returns/Pantsman Ziu <3

1. Kei Asaki XD
2. Alteau X3 (See also: Slave)
3. Animus Seed
4. Captain Allister Caine

Moopeh is mine and l2oyal's Gaia daughter X3
IDK my BFF Luneh? She's my homeskillet, yoz! XD
Silverbleed is my lollipop <3 *liiiiiicks*
Ahrel is my jailbait! (SO worth it. XD)
Kiodie Raventree is mah secret neenjar. O:
Raneofdragons is my apprentice, Peaches, and my pet dragon. <3
Mokono is my official harem bard/resident musician~
Xyonis is my squirrel. <3
Taiyou_Toriko is my favorite fruit! XD
Chromeh ish mah sister-in-law. <33
Shagami is my son/daughter. XD
Madame Cowie is my snuggu buddy. <33
K4g3ryu is my man servant. <33
Tenuko is my secret lover <3
Imarius is my personal pillow X3
Capt. Brian C. Keltcher is my Cabana Boy. <33
NuroHavik is my personal oiled-up, arm-band-wearing stud. XD
Tei Kae/Tabi is my special kitty and 'bosom' buddy. >.> XD
Martyn Omega is my Undead lover. smilies/icon_rofl.gif
[Property of Bas] is my HUBBY! ZOMG! XD
Inty/Integumentary System is my pole dancing trainer. XD
Nicallel is my fangirl...with awesome pompoms. XD
Roth Keahi is my sexy man of steel. XD
iamanonion is my steamy vegetable? :'D
Bonsei is my bar of dark chocolate. <3
fr34x0r is my geek. XD
Trakadon is the lime in my coconut. :'D
Heldog GARM is my puppy. X3
Dark Felicia is my sex kitten and I'm her fan. XD
Twisty is my Panada Bear Plushie! XD
Bellu is my Sexy Sash Sister. Rawr. X3
Renny is my Psychospaz Dino! Hee hee.
Hiaki Mahaado is my OFFICIAL stalker. XD
Sumox is the father of my belly button chilluns! (And lives there!)
Horror Havoc is my Asian Sensation! <3
Ms. McBunny is my pet cow. X3
SirenChild/Melody is my lil girl. X3
Pineapplelicious is the owner of my yellow bra! XD
Identity Glitch is my personal assassin!
Shippeh is my pony! X3
Buttery Bee/Kitter is my personal eye candy! Yum!
I indirectly own Cui through Kata, haha! XD
Chucsta has mah babies...<3
Quonneh and Stormeh are mah chilluns <3
DefauIt is mah worshipper, apparently. XD
TRex-kun is my personal unraveller. Rawr. smilies/icon_wink.gif
H3ArTwReNcHiNg NiGhTmArE is another daughter. <3
Tiki_San is mah harem's overseer! O: OBBY! XD
I can has Forgotten1. I R keeping. XP
I am one of MooCowing's many wives. :'D
I indirectly own Renessmie through Necros. XP
I own Wrathful Soul, bwahaha!

If you're a close friend and want a position in my harem, don't hesitate to ask, ne? I'll always make room for YOU guys, lawl. <3



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L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 7:15 pm

L l X l E

this is like the fourth person in a week to say this about Ten and Liv
"I do like that couple a lot. They go well together."
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 5:45 pm

L l X l E

nuh huh emo
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 5:39 pm

L l X l E

i like the hair colors D:
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 5:33 pm

L l X l E

what do you think of the avi?
i couldnt find wings that looked good QQ
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 2:02 pm

L l X l E

*o* no i did not have that. imma try and make an avi with this hair... i really like the colors @__@
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 1:55 pm

L l X l E

bby you've had that for years now and i give you it everyday that i can~

I guess i can do a much better job. heart

i keep looking at the picture crying
L l X l E

Report | 07/29/2015 1:50 pm

L l X l E

wut do you want for them bby?

Report | 07/29/2015 1:28 pm


Soooo-- you sound like you didn't need Rot's full Spa Day Recovery packet *holds up the basket with the lotion, body rocks, bath salts and scented candles*
XD but yes! In the long run it would certainly be cheaper to move closer, but I know how tedious apartment hunting is, so I wish you the best of success.

Aww-- *puts the spoon and straw down* well its always sad when friends have to part, but I'm proud of you for letting a less than healthy sounding relationship go. Funny how ppl can change and how we change or don't with them. I've never understood the guilt that some ppl have as though there is an obligation to a relationship that has gone down a different path than it used to.

But I'm just terrible I'm sure.

o.o well, that's one less a-hole in the art community. that's nice to hear.

Report | 07/29/2015 1:18 pm


So long as they stay minor-- otherwise I'll happily iron em out straight for you )<
AH! That's wonderful news! How nerve-wrecking as well! Just remember to breathe nice and easy; you can do this. smile

Report | 07/29/2015 12:54 pm


Yea, it happened at the beginning of this month. Took me a while to decide what I wanted to do- ditch this site after so many years or start over. Both were daunting. But live and learn, right?

As far as I can tell, my beast of a wishlist is as up to date as it can be.
But how have you been? All is well I hope?


(Art by Lamb Hearts - Click for request thread~)