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ιм nσт ρєяғєcт .
nєιтнєя ιs нє .
вυт тσɢєтнєя ωє ȷυsт мαч вє.



    HαCKєRs αrє NσT αLLσWєD

    Hi Im נємαιι
    I live in Aiea, Hawaii but i was born && raised in the Philippines . c:
    && my age is none of your business ;p
    I'm Plain , I'm not that girlish type . I have crushes with girls ..
    but I'm not Bi. lol >;D
    now i think your confused of what i really am .. aha.
    I'm 100% sure that I'm a Girl .. so ,yeahh : ))
    I don't smoke or drink or do any drugs.
    I suck at Math. LOL! i failed at it 2 times when i was still in college >;D
    I don't judge people on the choices they make so don't judge me on mine.
    I'm an extremely Nice girl, probably one of the nicest you'd ever meet.
    But don't think that can be taken advantage of. I'm nice, not stupid.
    I love Cats && Dogs . well , any kind of animals are fine with me as long as
    they're cute && cuddly :3
    I avoid fights and drama.
    If I don't like you I won't bother with you, I'll most likely ignore you.
    Cυяsιnɢ is my habit && i can't avoid it . so , if i swear
    while talking with you just fuuckin ignore it . ok?! ;D
    If you can't laugh at anything we will not get along at all.
    People with no sense of humor are dull.
    I'm really , really different from most people.
    I see the ωσяℓם a lot differently than you..

    PS: Cυяsιnɢ is saying bad words. lol.

    ❤ I'm happily taken by the most amazing guy
    I've ever known in my entire life ❤