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Report | 09/12/2014 12:41 am


Hey dude, we haven't talked in like five years and probably don't have much in common anymore; but I wanted to day hope you're doing well and I think about you from time to time.
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Report | 07/05/2014 8:44 pm

Kitsune Shogun Shiddo

Thank you for buying from my shop! ^^ Have a great day!
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Report | 06/07/2014 5:55 pm

Eevee Kins

thanks for buying!
enjoy your item heart
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Report | 12/21/2013 11:01 pm

casa de nova

Thank you for your purchase of Marooned Lass! Please come again soon! c:
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Report | 08/14/2013 1:01 am


Those eyes make that avi, it's adorable ~.^
Thanks for buying <3
Rashad Tay's avatar

Report | 08/13/2013 8:15 am

Rashad Tay

5.7mil golden L?
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Report | 08/08/2013 9:11 am


really nice avi. heart
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Report | 08/01/2013 9:42 pm

DJ Claps

Golden Laurels 6.ml
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Report | 07/18/2013 4:27 pm


Thank you hun ^^
and i wish the best of luck in what ever you do in you're life and career as well~♥

Ahh i see, how cute
GalIery 's avatar

Report | 07/18/2013 4:12 am


Everytime i hear Australia, i can't help not but to think about kangaroos

Ahh i see, well for me i prefer the colder season since it's always sunny in the Philippines
> <

Well actually i used to have a business of my own already before,
i used to own a convenient store and grain shop, but it had to closed before for
many personal reason, one thing was me getting preggy 2 years ago, and many more~

As of now i am starting again, back to square one for me, first step is to take this job and
hopefully later on i could start a new business again, i Pray to God as i wait for the
right moment to do it ^^

GalIery 's avatar

Report | 07/18/2013 3:59 am


I never knew about your current season there,
since i am from the far asia xD
Where you from btw jeegoo?

And salary are ok, it's in the middle range~
But i am still planing of so many things in mind, i miss having a business again
> <
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Report | 07/18/2013 3:53 am


Oh gosh, that a lot of hours for hibernating a body

And everything is going pretty well, just busy at work everyday
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Report | 07/18/2013 12:41 am


Mhm, and that is good if that is so c:

How is everything going for you?
i hope everything is going well ^^
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Report | 07/18/2013 12:19 am


It's been a long time c:
How is it going jeego?
Lovely Leatrice's avatar

Report | 01/01/2013 8:20 pm

Lovely Leatrice

Your avatar is just......SO CUTE! I love it it be too adorable! XDD carry on you frick'en adorable user you!
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Report | 07/01/2012 3:55 am


If you offer 130m, i'll sell my Cherubic to you.
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Report | 06/06/2012 11:43 am


Hi :3
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Report | 06/01/2012 9:58 am


Oh kay wink
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Report | 06/01/2012 9:56 am


Interested in Cheshire Kitten, NM SCARF, OISIN BLESSING?
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Report | 04/14/2012 6:22 pm

Alex iz mez

Yess.. (:
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