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My name is Jayce. I'm Cynical and Pretty Egotistical,
But I suppose I can also be nice at times.
I enjoy listening to music with my friends, And I change my profile music quite often.
If you like the tune, Feel free to ask me what it is.
My character is pretty old, but I am pretty young.
I'm interested in Men more than women, by far.
I change my Avs gender quite often, But don't let that fool you, I'm a guy.
I'm sorry if you got attracted to my female base,
and then found this out and are now sour with me.
I kicked Ace out of the family because he got Sherlocked
I enjoy receiving gifts, as much as I enjoy giving gifts.
I sometimes give out anonymous gifts, and lurk in Anon threads.
I also donate to dumpster dive quite often.
I enjoy talking through private messages a bit more than comments,
And i'm in towns almost all the time, but i'm usually afk, or with a large group.
I'm always up for making new friends, but i'm picky about who i'm with.
If there's anything else you'd like to know, Feel free to contact me.

Skype : Andrewmeta
If you don't say you you are I won't add you.
Crush me?

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