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structo Report | 09/17/2017 12:04 pm
Twas i that tipped thee poste
structo Report | 09/17/2017 11:57 am
X the Marauder Report | 09/16/2017 8:26 am
Thanks comrade emotion_brofist I'll never have all the answers, but if anything's true, it's that.
jawful Report | 09/09/2017 5:27 pm
That's Just me,

Tippin ya posts,!

Forward this 2 25 ppl who u think make LIT Gaia posts
Star x Apple~ Report | 09/08/2017 2:39 pm
hmmm human music... i like it
debt Report | 09/06/2017 7:22 pm
Posted at 10:49h, 04 August REPLY
I would like to take a moment, and mention that I am a male, and have ruined all my relationships due this new self discovery. I am a gas-lighter, and will not blame the author of this article for not being gender neutral. I’m just looking for more answers online to help me remove this characteristic entirely from me. I DESPISE IT! I’m looking for answers online on how to begin a healthier approach in my relationships. I will say this however, that the majority of articles I’ve come across online, simply depicted the characteristics of a gas-lighter, and provided to resolution.
SEANYN Report | 09/06/2017 4:16 pm
the only thing i know abt nine centimetre hail is that johnny cash wrote their song hurt for them and then let them sing it only in soft voices
SEANYN Report | 09/06/2017 4:12 pm
so when did god die
SEANYN Report | 09/06/2017 4:06 pm
treats r only available 4 people who reply ur blokt
SEANYN Report | 09/06/2017 3:56 pm
did u ask hows it hanging and never reply im blocking u on twitter