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If you have to be an anti for Camp Half-Blood, mainly because of the fact that the meta-series actually bothers to have citizen soldiers[and also partially because it was said that King Arthur was descended from some of the Olympian Demigods of the ancient times, like Leonidas and Alexander the Great, then you truly lack even more spine than the generic Harlequin HellSpawn, out there!

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Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 11:50 pm
Princess Iorin
Sounds like a really hot pairing right there. I think there is a doujin where there is a threesome between Rise and Chie but let's not delve too much into that. twisted
Imagine her wearing her tomboyish detective uniform and then when you take her clothes off, you could see her breasts bouncing heavily up and down, ready to be consumed while embarrassing Naoto completely. Now if the Christmas date with Naoto in her school uniform can't get any much better... Wow, the protagonist is such a lucky character to date all kinds of girls.

This is the first time in the Persona series to see someone who's support-based into an offensive-based character. It's a surprise when I found that out, perhaps the Ishtar can use her seductive powers accordingly... Ohoho.

There will be one eventually, depends on if there is a new pixiv user who's willing to share their hot drawings of two hot ladies making out with each other on the beach.

Danbooru is probably the easiest place to search for tags, which is quite convenient. Sometimes the art on danbooru are usually reposts of art from pixiv, but there's an opportunity there to get some juicy art exclusively on twitter that gets reposted there. Speaking of which, if there's only a way to combine two or more appropriate tags for the search bar to filter the results properly...
I don't really tend to go to DeviantArt that much, maybe because I don't like their design layout and that it's a pain to go through their albums and galleries.

There's no shame in admitting being a breasts man at all, for although I like every part of the female body, breasts are much better than the butt itself. Big breasts are great, but for me there's a certain limit for how large those breasts can go. Colossal-sized cowtits would turn me off completely, but as long they are in proportion, then I would happily shove my face into those big melons.

That's quite absurd whenever you see someone with magically beautiful hair, but you just can't help asking what products they use to maintain their hair, can't you.
Me on the other hand, if I see anyone with twintails, I would throw myself against them and make them by bride. Okay, I was kidding on the marriage part.
Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 10:01 pm
Princess Iorin
Would have been so good if they revealed the juicy secrets of their bust sizes, that way the artists would have a better representation of drawing Naoto in a realistic but cute way, showing Naoto's genuine self.
For a young woman who is of the Lovers arcana, the possibilities of how she would treat Naoto are endless. Rise is naturally a perverted girl and she would have many ways of molesting that luggage of Naoto's. Talking about her fighting skills
Rise actually gained an offensive persona instead of a defensive persona in P4A2, which I am so excited to main the hell out of her (due to the fact that Kugyuu's voicing her). Now whether Arena is canon or not though, that's pretty much debatable though.

I am surprised there isn't any yet, particularly on pixiv where there's hardly any artists who would ship Naoto and Rise heavily, particularly when Rise is doing really perverted stuff to Naoto.
Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 7:43 pm
Princess Iorin
I could see where you are coming from, Yukiko is pretty introverted, so she wouldn't stand out as much as someone to extroverted like Rise. Or Naoto. Not surprisingly, these characters stand out much more than Chie and Yukiko because they are popular, due to their high amount of charm amongst the students.

Rise groping Naoto's huge bouncy breasts? Sweet mother of god... that would be a dream come true. To think that Naoto is one of the most delicious reverse traps out there.

I would have no idea about that since I have never yet read the series.
Faustine Liem Report | 09/18/2014 7:01 pm
Faustine Liem
Who cares what bible? The Dresden files is more of a Morality playbook then the lot of them.
Bittersweet Cupcakes Report | 09/18/2014 6:53 pm
Bittersweet Cupcakes
Haha, yeah
Though I haven't read the novels yet, they sound great
Faustine Liem Report | 09/18/2014 6:38 pm
Faustine Liem
The dresden Files vs The bible. emotion_awesome
Bittersweet Cupcakes Report | 09/18/2014 6:37 pm
Bittersweet Cupcakes
Oh yes!
I live in the only Canadian city he's visiting for his Blood of Olympus Tour, which is Toronto ^_^
Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 5:56 pm
Princess Iorin
I prefer Rise more though, I have these pigtails/twintails fetish I can't stop drooling over.
But Yukiko is just as perfect as Rise is, when I first played the game, she's probably the first ones I would start a Social Link with. She isn't as plain as you might think, she's got a whole inn to manage by herself, which is an overwhelming feat for a young girl with magically beautiful hair.
Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 5:47 pm
Princess Iorin
I always thought Yukiko had really magically beautiful hair the first time she appeared in the game. Her hair probably intensified when she was confessed right from the very beginning. xd
Princess Iorin Report | 09/18/2014 5:01 pm
Princess Iorin
Perhaps you're a fan of 'magically beautiful black silky hair'?

Perhaps a date like this girl will be to your liking.


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What Anime have you seen?
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If you're a role-player or artist, feel free to comment me with your answers and
responses to these questions, alright?



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He had fought in the segment of World War 2 in
which the Allied forces had to fight in Africa,
against the Afrika Korps
[an Axis Powers Military Organization lead by Rommel, the Desert Fox!]
and had the honor to have met the allied Officers with the Desert Rats.

He also respects Poseidon and Hades, Hades somewhat more so,
despite the fact that a lot of Hades' own children were fighting for the Axis powers.

He's also of Irish descent,
so please don't be too surprised if he speaks
of what he researched about the Celts,
Nor when he admits he's named after
the father of one of King Arthur's
best knights.

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Username: Javier Cross
Camper's Name: Mina Lavinia Alvizu
Age: 18
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Magical Weapon: {Starts Undetermined; edit it later}
Special Skills: a graceful and great swordfighter, good swimmer, Excellent at Flirting and negotiations, looks attractive in just about anything
Personality: Flirty, Caring, Comforting, and Duty-Bound when the situation calls for it, but she mostly likes to have fun.
Bio: Mina Alvizu was a half-blood who was brought to the Camp by her father, Raymond Alvizu, who had been in military service before Mina was born, and Mina also has the standard A.D.H.D and Dyslexia, which means her father taught her how to read latin and english, as well as Greek. She is quite interested in boys, and may even be interested in girls, and she loves to hang out at the beach, partially to see how many people will stare at her, but mostly to get close to the waters, and she also loves the idea of kissing in the rain and to help play match-maker for some of the guys and girls, out there!
Appearance: Sapphire Blue Eyes, a high C-cup that's almost at D-size, Hourglass Curves, and the height of 5'8, plus long silvery(Either silver or silvery blonde!) hair, that she keeps under a hood whenever she wears a light coat.