Hello to you~ I'm Jasconius, but my friends call me Jas, If ya wanna get to know me, then welcome aboard~
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Likes: Fruity drinks, noodles, nice people, getting to know someone’s interests, spending time with friends, helping people whenever i can, optimism, Liquicity
Dislikes: Mayo, Seafood, miscommunication, misunderstandings, lying, pretending you actually care about me, being used, unnecessarily sassy or rude people or situations, Pewdiepie, Cuccumbers, Vulgar People, People that just don't get to the point.
Favorite games: Monster Hunter, Fire emblem Fates, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers, Metroid Prime Series, Medabots
What I do in my spare time: Play Smash online, pay taxes, listen to people talk AT me. Listen to my friends talk and make silly jokes and laughing at each other's laughs, enjoying my time with my pet dog, having my co-workers have a good time when i go to work, coming home to 2 of the best people i could ask for, even tho there can be alot of awkward moments when we Skype~
I honestly don’t mind talkin to people, cause i love learning different personalities and whatnot. If you feel like you need a laugh, want to get to know me better, or just someone to talk to, go ahead and send a message or somethin, if i’m on, i’ll give ya a chattin~

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