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    My name is Jessie/Francesca which ever one you prefer. smilies/icon_wink.gif Or Japan Native. Yes I go by that name in reality also.
    I'm nice, a b***h, silly, caring, and sharing. I have other traits also but I'll let you find that out by yourself
    I hate when people add me to ask for gold!

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    Do that s**t I will ******** destroy you!

    But umm anyways. My favorite type of music is hip hop, pop, and R&B. But I like rock , some metal, indie-
    Well I'm open to any kind of music.
    I cosplay from a couple of anime shows or any anime my friends will like me to. c:
    I love reality shows. emotion_smilies/icon_drool.png
    Bad girls club all the way!
    But umm anything else you would like to know hit me up!
    I don't bite. c:

    Ratchet b***h on gaia since '11.
    ******** widd me!

    Me and My bitches be like:
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    Kuroko Kusanagi V1 Report | 11/07/2015 2:42 pm
    Kuroko Kusanagi V1
    your avi is very cute
    Tail Star Report | 02/08/2015 1:36 pm
    Tail Star
    Yeah I'm a clever f*ck. xD
    Psh... yeah. lol.
    Thanks, I try to be close to the image as possible lol.
    Tail Star Report | 02/07/2015 2:42 pm
    Tail Star
    It's usually funny when you pick a fight with Nicki Vagine lol.
    I'm rarely getting snow on the west, all we get is rain and occasional sun. It's that sad. emo
    Man... I swear this username gives a lot of Fairy Tail vibes even when I'm not cosplaying any of them atm.
    Just some drama last week... with Megan Fox. Other than that, I've been snoozing all the time.
    Tail Star Report | 02/06/2015 5:38 pm
    Tail Star
    Not much qurl, just snoozin' all the time.
    How about ya? any thot battles you'd like to talk about? lol
    Shikadai Nara Report | 02/04/2015 7:37 am
    Shikadai Nara
    I know mrs Francesca lol how you been
    Sugar Mama Llama Report | 02/03/2015 3:09 pm
    Sugar Mama Llama
    woah cool profile!
    Tail Star Report | 02/03/2015 2:44 pm
    Tail Star
    Whaddup qurl lol.
    Long time no see.
    Jelaminah Report | 02/03/2015 2:42 pm
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    Shikadai Nara Report | 01/26/2015 12:45 pm
    Shikadai Nara
    hey this is iNara Shikamaru add this account girl lol
    iNara Shikamaru Report | 01/21/2015 4:42 pm
    iNara Shikamaru
    hey girl about time you back! lol
    iShinobi Naruto
    Tail Star