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✿ Janpoop

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Last Login: 10/06/2015 1:10 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/28

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LatinBsnDude Report | 09/08/2015 1:17 pm
What does the Lux say?!
LucidaAnseris IV Report | 08/27/2015 5:18 pm
LucidaAnseris IV
Thank you!!
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 2:24 pm
Right LMAO
I got this cool
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 2:20 pm
lmaooo mine is tracyhascookies
ours sound so similar in some kinda way LOOL
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 2:15 pm
oh my goshh nooo
don't leave meee emo
Do you have a skype or somethinggg?
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 2:07 pm
I didn't get this comment till after I posted my other one LOL
You're welcome bb
you bought me a pack so it's the least I could do for you!!
love you too!!
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 2:05 pm
Yeah it wasss we kinda got it done
man it's okk
I have my own bad luck LOOl
but thank you though you didn't have to : >
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 1:49 pm
omg ; A ;
I love jan moreee! emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Yeah I knowww!! but we were kinda there for some serious biznezz
I know what you meannn it would be useful if i had animal items but i think the human items are better lmaooo
girl I have the worse luck why would gift them to me LOOOL
all I got were animal items and like 1 human itemLMAO
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 1:37 pm
It's okaay I was like 8 when he died
but I keep hearing stories that he really lovved me and that's me sad because idk him like : <
Yesss come to the bahamas!! vaacay for life cool
We were only staying for 3 days so we couldn't get the monthly LOOOL
Wooo yum_puddi
omg loyals gates opened I'm upset I didn't participate in it there's a lot of the items i thinnk are rlly cute ugh
Then again i have no gold LMAO lol
Yeah though go watch your anime and eat ya ice cream
kurumiiru Report | 08/25/2015 1:27 pm
girl lemme ship you there
I went like twice when i was little tracy for vacay and because my grandpa died ; A;
yeah it was reallly hoooot but the train was full of ac so it's all good
we had to pay for each time that sucked especially when my aunt spent 60$ for a train ticket for al lof us and it was like 6 of us LOL
I don't : <
Yass you go girl! Have funn
No problem anything for my sweet bb jan! emotion_yatta

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Hi, My name's Jan n__n
If you wanna get to know me better, talk to me.
I play League of Legends currently unranked!

Please check out my:
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I stream: Follow me
IG: Janpoop
Tumblr: Cowlover
League ign: Janpoop

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