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Equivalent Exchange

Life seems absurd usually, but a closer inspection would truely reveal it's not. Is just a matter of balance in everything. But don't get upset if you don't understand the logic: the universe wasn't build just for your limited intelligence.


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You seem like an enjoyable and wise person to socialize with, and have a vast knowledge. Hope I do get to know more about you!

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Hey man hows it goin? I was checking out your thread looking for Rplayers. I saw your frustration with the impotent masses. I stopped after the third page because I was itching to work with you. If you still are searching for a capable mind, I`d like to join you.

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Hey! Just thought I'd drop by and thank you for posting on my Life Discussions thread about the list of 5 qualities and all. Everyone seems to have gotten SO offended by it when I didn't really target anyone. I guess they enjoy being self-righteous, it makes them feel smart. (Most of them are likely to be 14 years old and not really as world-knowledgeable as we are.) I say we, because I'm also 24. User Image So you're not older, but you're right on par! lol (To use a golf term.) Thanks again for commenting.


Jano C. Lora Paz
1983 - 2015 (a.)
1 - TRUE roleplayers ARE NOT Whinny "Literates"
2 - "Literacy" is the ability to WRITE PROPERLY, NOT HOW MUCH you can write.
3 - TRUE roleplay is a GAME, NOT a literarian excersize.