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This is my profile.
Its awesome cause my friend helped me with it. Since she did help and I'm Never on, she's goin to write the following. *NOTE* SHE IS A GIRL WRITING THIS SO HELL IT"ll BE GIRLY
Hello! So Stuff to know about Steven....
Well for one thats his name. Also what he's like...... He is super nice and really funny. I always say he's BA looking but is pretty much a teddy bear! his hair is soft...
Steven: I'm not a teddy bear....... I'm deadly! NOM NOM NOM...!
Sure ya are.... O.o Well he really wouldn't hurt a fly unless that fly decided to hurt a friend. Then he gets all manly and takes them on. WOOHOOO MUSCLES!!
Steven: I don't think I'm that-
Me: Silence I am talking! Well He's always mysterious but you get use to that. He's always very smiley... loves to smile. His laugh s great too, hahaha he hates it though, never saw why...
Steven: cause there's no point TO like it! ><
Oh yes there is cause this all means that you're not as dark as you think!
Steven: But I am Dark-
BAKA! *smack* NO your not!
Your mature, awesome, fun, never breaks promises, always wants to make things right, protests and sicks by your friends and always NEVER gives up on them. See? you're a lovable guy! and on top of that your pretty hot lookin... gaian gals shall swoon over you! BASK IN HIS HOTNESS!!!! WORSHIP HIM FOOLS!!! *gets tickled and I hysterically laughed*
Melissa: I see you're on another take over the world spree gal? =D
*Steven stops the tickle thing* I WAS until SOMEONE tickled me! ><
Steven: HAHAHAHAHAHA your just so funny looking when your helpless!
HUSH!!!!!!! ><
Melissa: you could've smacked her... even though you are hot lookin...
Steven: I don't hit ladies I respect them. And What ever I give up on denying that statement... =_="
SEE!!!! The goodness flows with in you cause-!
Steven: DON'T SAY IT!!!!!
Melissa: OH this will be good! *makes pop corn*
................ cause its your last-!
Steven: RAWR!!!!!!!!!! *tackles of key board*
Melissa: nom nom nom..... mmmmmmm.... well I guess I'll finish this with...
If you wanna know more comment him message!

If you wanna know more comment him! xD



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Update your interests smile
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Soliaris Queen
Tacking ones comment virginity is fun.... ^^
Soliaris Queen

what would it be like to stay in one place for the rest of your life... and not worry sbout the change that is to come when you leave?