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A shadows past

Name: Jager
Type: Shadow Demon
Age: N/A


All they know is he was a weapon long ago. But hes only activated when the key or human they think chants hes orders. After that hes demon soul is released and hes on a killing spree... Hes been hiding lately from a society which is trying to use him for their work... Jager also has created ah group called the Brother Hood of Ise, Which are shadow warriors like him an follow hes ways.

Weapons: - Soul Blade
- Reaper
- Chants

Powers: - able to change form as he wants and uses their powers.
- Can fade as shadow
- heals in the darkness hates sunlight (will burn)


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Harry Brown West Report | 07/17/2015 8:17 pm
*david gets up and feels jager hit him and he falls back to the ground again and he feels the impact and he grunts as he picks the phone up and calls sherry hoping to get her*
Harry Brown West Report | 07/14/2015 8:26 pm
David charges him and hisses at him "NO SHE IS NOT!" David looks at him "Don't touch her or you will be dead."
Harry Brown West Report | 07/14/2015 4:56 am
David looks at him and feels a raptor side that is connected to a syrum that was injected to him by alexia slowly creeps up and slowly takes control and he looks at the machine and lets out a raptor roar at it "Leave my family alone." David puts his wife along with his daughter in the van and along with shadow the family pet wolf and he sends the van on its way down the long drive way
Harry Brown West Report | 07/11/2015 6:29 am
David sends his wife and child away to the van as the nemesis virus is trying to get ahold of him but he staves it off again in his system "Jager.... Is that you? If so here i am." David says as he comes out of the window in nothing but his pjs and holding a ax "Come and taking me back to the grave with you?"
Harry Brown West Report | 07/10/2015 8:09 pm
*david feels a burn and he wakes up and then grips the axe near him* come out. come out. *david looks about for whoever came in*
Harry Brown West Report | 07/08/2015 2:08 pm
David feels his memories and then keeps it out of his mind as he keeps walking and working about the family farm
0o0-Jenny-0o0 Report | 07/03/2015 9:53 pm
Delilah was helping her father with something outside, then ran inside the house to get something for him then came out after that and stopped thinking that she saw someone.
Harry Brown West Report | 06/23/2015 7:16 am
David was asleep with his wife in their bed and wasn't aware of what is or even will be happening he had a axe by his bed in case unwanted guess's come on by and his wife had a handgun on her nightstand and he wakes up and takes the axe in hand
Harry Brown West Report | 08/12/2014 3:27 pm
*david looks up to jager and looks back down and his long black hair he filps it to the other side* No. My dino form is trying to take over.
Harry Brown West Report | 08/11/2014 8:41 pm
David continues to worry about his daughter as he still is in the jail cell and his form takes on that of a human like dinosaur from a virus injected into his body by alexia and rams the bars with his brute strength and nothing works as keeps ramming them and his anger boils back down and his dino form reverts to a human form "That is always hard on me."

What hes demon form looks like