So, I've decided I'm going to try to start getting stuff for myself and first I want to get stuff for me that's not available in stores since it can come and go on the marketplace at any time. Help would be appreciated. smilies/icon_heart.gif And I would appreciate if any helpers could buy below or at the marketplace price when you do get the items so it doesn't go up so high, and it would be nice to keep a low price available for the newer lowest buy now price so it doesn't go up for future buyers. Bidding is fine. I don't really know how long this will take, but it may take a while. I also like store items, but I can work on that any time. smilies/icon_heart.gif Thank you to everyone who has helped me and will! smilies/icon_heart.gif


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okie dokie biggrin

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do chu have skype? I'm on it 90% of the day well abotu 60% on Sunday due to church life sweatdrop

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naw i mean i could buy stuff if i wanted to
but i gotta save every penny so i can attempt to buy my
stuff back. i swear gaia has gone so down hill. i spent alot
of time getting my items and now theyre all worth nothing. im
really upset about it, but its not like any of my friends are ever online
long enough to rally with me anyways. im really surprised your still on, aha


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idk what is it? btw people must be
buying gaia cash like crazy, i sold some items
and regretted it because i thought the items i was
gunna buy were cheaper, but cant because prices
are fluctuating like crazy. prolly why the items werent
as cheap as i thought :/ now im forever naked. how annoying

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No i dont! and they dont make you fly!
but thanks for the concern! and sorry i dont!
i have facebook? aha thats about it, and kik

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sure biggrin my net does that sometimes >.< It get jelly or something and d/c me gonk

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Oh my jaenie, no. The Airforce is not the army! You live on a base that
is just like a small city with malls and stores etc. except you dont have to pat sales tax either!
You get a considerable amount of PTO. Its just like having a normal job like i said, only you have
PT once a month. You have a 5 day work week, get paid a s**t ton, and
can do whatever you want on your off days. You can leave base and go shopping,
go to the beach, whatever. Its like having a normal job except you get tons
of bonuses on top.

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soz I didn't come back gonk grany wanted me to vaccuum up some crumbs she spilt before I bathed and by the time I got to tinychat, you were gone crying heart heart heart heart

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Thats very true. But its the best job because i wont
get nearly as much money anywhere else. I dont
think ill ever want to leave. Its just like having a
regular job except for basic training, which is only
6 weekd i believe? And then PT only once a month
after. Ill have free housing if i want, or i can live
off base and theyll give me even more money. Free
food,.Plus ill get to fly anywhere in the
world whenever i want to, for free if i wanna go on
DJ Spikey

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DJ Spikey

I don't play it because I forgot my password. I have been playing a cute game on Steam that is like Mario Party but with anime characters and uses cards too. There is very minor swearing in the story, but everything else is like Mario Party.


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