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Hello, Name is Jabrid, call me Jay if you wish. I am your neighborhood friendly, nut case, trash talking, nerd of a trans guy who is super weird. My mom says I'm special, special ed to be exact. I suffer from bipolar type 2 (Major ups [Mania] and Major downs[depression and anxiety]) and ADHD (I won't shut up if you don't stop me and my mind likes to wonder), meaning I can get into trouble unsupervised. I love roleplay and am terribly addicted to it. Please don't expect your profiles on time if I join your roleplay. I am a D&D Dungeon Master and player and both my nights off are taken up by D&D and I work 30+ hours a week and some nights I just wanna draw or play video games or just lay in bed and sleep at normal hours...like a normie. I'm kinda a hard guy to get a hold of unless you have discord. I don't chat first and don't chat much but I still know you're there, I promise. I talk more in groups than DMs. I'm not currently looking for more roleplay but I'm always open to friends. PM me for Discord.

P.S. I love rum.

P.S.S. Don't steal my chicken tendies. I will release the screeching autists on you.


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