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Yo, My name is Jabrid, you can call me Jay if you wish. I'm a 22 year old, really weird trans guy who adores roleplay and character creation. I am on Gaia as often as I can. I'm always open to rolepay however and will answer when I'm free to. A little about me, I have a God/Demon and lore and mythology obsession. I do art in my free time as well as commissions. I love psychology and health related things and often do my own research behind the scenes when I'm bored. I myself am type 2 Bipolar and I'm very educated about mental disorders. I'm very spiritual and follow spirit science as well as animals as my guides. My guides are the coyote, the maned wolf, the white tiger, the raven, the owl, and the hawk. My favorite sport is golf and I listen to all music under the sun-accept whiny country music and RMB/bad rap. I'm a hardcore asexual and I'm very open about all pride. If you identify as something let me know. I won't judge you, just correct me and we can move on together. I have 3 souls, one of a demon, one of an angel, and a centered soul. I'm always up for chatting but my job might get in the way of fast answers. I can always and am willing to add people on skype if they wish. Just ask! smile


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