Its-a-me, MAR--... wait a second, that isn't right... >_<

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Registered: 04/26/2005

Gender: Male

Location: In my house (suprisingly)... England!

What pleasures me greatly...obviously not sexually...well... >_>

Remind me to update my interests.

Get a grip on me below

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I be wearing this stuff

I want to be wearing this stuff


The one, the only, J-Barney! Guild trader extraudinaire!


Age: 17
Hair colour: Hazel Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'9''
Build: Average
Sex: Male


Food: Pasta
Animal: Tiger (he he)
Sugary food: Vanilla milkshake... ok, its a drink...
Colour: Passionate red (lovely sexy colour!)
Book: 100 ways to make a tenner
Manga: Love Hina
Film: Battle royale (1 and 2)
Anime film: Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex
Name for girl: Chloe
Name for boy: Jay
About a girl: That they care and love you no matter what
About a guy: Have a good laugh

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Galvatron Report | 09/15/2009 12:35 pm
Happy Birthday, mate!
faith910 Report | 08/17/2009 1:11 pm
i heart ur pro
Mecon Report | 12/22/2007 2:13 am
Merry Christmas
theweekndxo Report | 07/22/2007 3:48 pm
Taste teh Rainbowz Report | 02/19/2007 1:52 pm
Taste teh Rainbowz
I luv your avie.
Kunoichi Haruna Sakura Report | 02/17/2007 8:37 am
Kunoichi Haruna Sakura
I tthink the whole leon rina and whoevermabobber thing is KINDA funny
Mecon Report | 02/16/2007 9:20 am
User Image
IFocusOnThePain Report | 02/14/2007 2:27 pm
I could make you a profile if you want...
~.~Serena Malefocent~.~ Report | 02/12/2007 3:43 pm
~.~Serena Malefocent~.~
wow your profile is like a
twilight-hack Report | 01/30/2007 7:28 pm
nice place


I am selling 32 guilds! Yes 32! I have a wide range of types so come in and find a deal you will just adore!


[NPC] Leon
[NPC] Leon
[NPC] Leon
[NPC] Leon
[NPC] Rina
[NPC] Rina
[NPC] Rina
[NPC] Rina
[NPC] Rina
[NPC] Leon

I love you Badloki!

Profile is under construction!


Lets join forces and take over the GGN, just you and me as a couple, together!

...However happy i am you love me, i don't think thats a good idea Leon...

And why is that apple of my eye?

Because your not real

Ahh, how very true. *Vanishes in a puff of virtual logic*

*Vanishes in a puff of virtual logic aswell... TO THE EXTREME!* XD


Loki and Leon, sitting in a tree,
First comes guilds, then captaincy,
Loki and Leon, making guild babies!

Hey you, yes you Rina! Get off my Leon! "I better get Leon to move the couch to my house", any excuse isn't it!

I don't know what you mean i'm an innocent little girl! *Twirls on spot and looks cute*

Don't play innocent with me, i know what you are up too! _

But like i said, i don't know what you mean i'm an innocent lit--

*Plants a heavy slap on Rinas left cheek* Brasen Hussy!

*Sobs and runs off, defeated by the all-mighty Loki*

~The next day~

Leon... *plays with hair* Could you do me a BIG favour and move a coach to my house please?

Erm... sure, i guess

Thankyou Leon! *Kisses cheek and skips off to her house*