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Random Tidbits
- Artist (stop-motion animation and printmaking), musician, Japanese culture enthusiast, and huge movie fan
Lava lamps, Albert the Drinking Duck, neon signs, kitschy and novelty items, circuses, carnivals, old horror movies, hot chocolate, jello, cold weather, the smell of hardware stores, monters/yokai/apparitions/ayakashi

It's also probably clear that I really enjoy anime and manga.
My full list of anime is here and my full list of manga is here.



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Syunii Report | 09/11/2017 5:20 pm
Definitely! But I think if there were more hours in a day, I would just waste them. emo
I guess so! 3nodding heart
AtreeX Report | 09/10/2017 10:59 am
Ohmygosh HI!!
How are you?! I'm so glad to see you around still! Thank you for reaching out and not forgetting about me. <3
Syunii Report | 09/08/2017 7:35 pm
Thank you! I'm just so tired all the time and it's frustrating. I hope this semester goes well for you! heart
I'm glad you think so! whee I feel like I've become a boring old lady... I'm a bit too hard on myself. ^^;
Rothbart Report | 09/07/2017 9:42 am
Thanks! The whole process of moving/flat hunting is awful but there's plenty of nice places so I'm trying to be optimistic. In an emergency I'll just be like "Mum, Dad, make room for me for a few weeks!" lol
I bet you're busy already, the start of the semester is always intense. Are you still working at the paper place too?
I think you would really like it! Guillermo del Toro's movies tend to be really good - a few of them are this blend of horror and fairytale which I really like. DEFINITELY watch Pan's Labyrinth. It's absolutely one of my favourite films.
Syunii Report | 09/05/2017 6:51 pm
Ah, that's good. 3nodding
I'm going back to school. It started a few weeks ago. Then there's work >_>
Other than that boring stuff, I've just been watching stuff on YouTube and hanging out with friends...which still sounds boring ^^;;
Syunii Report | 09/04/2017 7:06 pm
Thank you! heart
I've been okay, how about you?
Rothbart Report | 09/03/2017 12:20 pm
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I've just been all over the place the last few weeks! My lease is up soon and I'm trying to find somewhere nice to live emotion_donotwant
Is your summer break almost over?
Since we were speaking of Tim Burton, I got really in the mood to watch something Tim Burton-esque. I watched Crimson Peak and loved it, have you seen it?
Fractured_Unity Report | 08/27/2017 8:03 pm
and a fun one at that!
Fractured_Unity Report | 08/27/2017 2:00 pm
that's not true... gonk
oui. non. Je m'appelle Ida. où sont mes culottes? c'est ce que c'est. zut alors, cette chose est énorme, collez-la dans mon cul! voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?
Fractured_Unity Report | 08/27/2017 10:40 am
indeed. lol, no, I've forgotten more stuff than most people learn. especially French. use it or lose it, they say.


DON'T POOT! It's against the law in my world!
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This semester's killing me, but I hope you all are well!!


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