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Occupation: Healthcare employee

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I'm an expat! Read about my fantastic failure of an adventure below (America to Israel):

Keeping It Kosher



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A Charity Owner and his Ramblings!

Here's some stuff about my own personal time on Gaia! This is separate from the ~~~Gaia Hat Charity~~~ and more so about my own personal quests, avi art, etc.!


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isseo Report | 07/20/2017 4:14 pm
I think it came out cringey and too corny. lol. :hehe:
Fairy Of the storm Report | 06/13/2017 2:10 pm
hi how are u
Elenoob Report | 03/22/2017 5:01 am
Awwww just saw your commentUser Image Thank youUser Image
Nanzzy-chan Report | 02/26/2017 11:38 am
”Tell me why am I still here when it’s all gone; I’m living with the ghost of yesterday
Tell me why am I still trying to hold on; I’ve got to tear it down to let it go”

Haha, thank you! <3
You're looking quite... tree-some yourself~ :'D (geddit, like handsome, but for a tree? /shot)

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dead by april 9 2017 Report | 01/01/2017 5:45 am

i'll take long for the profile
maybe like weeks, i hope that's fine please~
l Rose l Report | 12/19/2016 4:22 pm
loving your current avatar by the way. emotion_drool
Got a Beauty and the Beast beast feeling from this pretty avatar.
Beloved is Loveless Report | 12/17/2016 1:20 pm
hi how are you today whats new surprised
Antiq Report | 12/17/2016 4:53 am
Thank you! heart but never mind me, yours is awesome! emotion_kirakira 11/10 for creativity biggrin
Sineaed Report | 12/16/2016 2:32 pm
Your current! gonk emotion_drool emotion_kirakira heart
Beloved is Loveless Report | 12/11/2016 2:46 pm
ool is it hard to move over seas and how long did it take


I'm a 27 year old post-grad (B.S Psych/Bio) here in central Texas ISRAEL!

I operate a truth about immigration and life in Israel blog here: Keeping it Kosher

Now then, let's reminisce about my early Gaia days...

I'm an older Gaian, from the year of 2004. When I joined the community was much smaller, gold harder to obtain than the meaning of life, and wearing a set was considered one of the coolest things ever.

After logging on for a few weeks on and off I, unfortunately, abandoned Gaia for a while and returned in early 2006. When I returned I plunged back into Gaia and ended up opening my charity, The ~~~Gaia Hat Charity~~~ on July 24, 2006. After three years we are still running strong and, in my personal opinion, are the largest, actively running, item specific charity on Gaia!

If I'm not in the GHC chatting it up with my regulars and helping hat questing
Gaians I can be found in the Avatar Talk forum playing with my avi and being as fierce as ever.

As of now, my plans for Gaia are to continue to run and promote The ~~~Gaia Hat Charity~~~. As a side-quest for myself, I have a number of quests planned out. During all of these endeavors I will try my hardest to remain active on a level where people may come to me for help, advice, and a source of confidence when ever a problem emerges.

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