My Baby, Bailey~

My Older Baby, Edwardo~

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Hi, I'm Alicia. ^^

People just call me by my name, nothing special really.

Turning 18 on August 23rd. {Dayum, haven't done anything with my life.}

I'm not that fond of the color pink, but It makes nice profile layouts, and plus, it's cute on avatars.
You'd never catch me wearing it though.

I drink and I smoke quite a bit, not going to lie. :b

I have a cat and a dog.
Bailey {1 year old} & Edwardo {7 years old, I think}.
I live with my mom, considering my father is nothing but scum.
I have two siblings, an older brother {Justin} and a younger sister {Taylor}.
I also have two half sisters and a half brother that I know about.
{Orlanda, Sherry & John Jr}.

There have been some hardships in my lifetime but I got over them relatively quickly.

I'm Pansexual, and proud. cx

Chicks with sticks, man.
Perfect combo, imo. {In my opinion}
{Johnny Depp, though. Nothin' and No-one is sexier than him. <3 }
{Okay, maybe Leonardo DiCaprio or Isla Fisher... Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Love Hewitt... Oh god, this list could go on FOREVER}

I've been with my boyfriend, Eric, since April, 27th, 2012. :3
Almost 2 years~
I couldn't imagine being any happier.
I love you, sweetie. <3

Got A Problem?
Deal With It~

Oh, also, I'm Catwoman. C:

Aaaaaaaaaand I like to quote things from the interwebs.. a lot.

< 3

I'm online all of the time, 'cause I have no social life. ; w ;
If you'd like to chat, PM me~



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