You can call me Alicia or Ali Cat.

My birthday is August 23rd.
I'm 19 and NOT ready to be an adult. *cries*

I smoke and I drink, I'm going to die anyways so whatever.

GTAV and Skyrim are my life.
I spend all of my free time playing my PS3, I don't really have many friends as I'm not very sociable.

I have a cat and two dogs.
Bailey, Rufus and Edward.
I live with my mum currently, but I'll be moving out soon enough.
I have two siblings, an older brother {Justin} and a younger sister {Taylor}.
I also have two half sisters and a half brother that I know about.
{Orlanda, Sherry & John Jr}.

There have been some hardships in my lifetime but I got over them relatively quickly.

Single as a Pringle.
Finally found someone to bug. eue

Got A Problem?
Deal With It~

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Alice Darling Campbell
October 16, 1938 ~ June 25, 2014
I miss you grandma!
Hope to see you soon!

My IG is OCDuckstache if you want it.



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