*walks on stage to talk, slips on banana peel* OH NO- *backs flips acting like it never happen* :3 eheheheh So, how the weather today? XD now that i have you attention, its time to share some info about me. emotion_yatta

Lets start off with my name, my name is YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW. <3 Im just IWise, cause i'm wise. I have been living for 26 years on this earth, even though i don't act like it when i'm joking around with my peeps. I am an american, black at that. Noo...not the ghetto black either. >. > Gonna clarify that s**t right now. I was born on Oct 27th,i am the true nineties kid. <3 Even though i was born in Germany and lived there ONLY a year, i'm actually american :3 Confusing right? XD iv been raised in america my whole life. So far i used to live EVERYWHERE, now i reside in Kentucky. I am a tomboy, i don't do girly s**t. Yet i do when i'm very very bored. Which does happen since i'm easily entertained. emotion_yatta

Things about meh Physical wise, no i don have long hair. Actually hate having loose long hair, so i cut mine off. I am a tomboy after all, so i stick to short hair. My eye is ******** so i usually wear glasses, but they broke sadly...your stuck seeing my ugly eyes. XD I'm a lil short s**t, yet i embrace my height, last time i checked i was 5'5 or 5'6. I doubt i grew anymore. emotion_yatta

Now we get to the fun part, the s**t that i like. gaia_kittenstar I have alot to share about meh. <3 Well i like fighting, like ALOT. Due to the fact that i'd get into fights all the time with mostly males. So i learned Karate to help defend myself. Well after learning that, i became quite powerful. That's when i started loving mix materiel arts. I know Karate/Kung fu/ Tai chi/Mui tai/Kempo/Kendo/Street Fighting/ Boxing/ Kick Boxing/ Wrestling...uhhh i think that's all i know by heart. I always wanted my own dojo. gaia_kittenstar I act like a cat alot cause i love cats. Well i love all animals but mostly cats.

emotion_bigheart to watch Anime/Tv shows/ Movies of all genres. Mostly Anime because it's a drug to me I need anime. It helps me in life, due to it teaches you things that goes on in life itself. Many people don't know this, but its true. My fav anime that i love to watch are: Inuyasha, Ranma1.2, Tenchi, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto Shippuden, Air Master & ect. XD all genres im found of but space. Sometimes space type anime loses my attention.

Tv shows though i love to watch are yum_puddi Lucifer/ American Horror Story/ Salem / Law & Order / SCI / Leverage/ Kyle XY/ Sons Of Anarchy/ Ghost Whisper/ The Walking Dead & ect. I only use Netflix & Hulu cause my family have given up on tv completely. XD The movies im not gonna list cause i know of to many. yum_puddi

Now onto other info. emotion_kirakira I flirt. So IF i like you or if are friendship seems tight, then im gonna stat joking around with you. Means jokes, flirting, so if im doing to much PLEASE let me know and i will stop completely if i make you uncomfortable. o . o Im bi-curious so i like both men & women, even though i never dated a woman before. XD As you can tell i am a perv, but i ty to keep her detained. If you want to get to know me on a dating level, let me stop you right there folks. If you are male well i love white guys emotion_bigheart . If you have long hair that i can pull, if your tall, if you know some sort of mix martial arts yourself, then you can holla at meh. Ladies, if you have short or long hair, like cuddles, also know how to defend yourself, independent, you also can talk to meh. emotion_kirakira

emotion_brofist If there is anything else yall like to know DON'T be afriad to chat with me. emotion_brofist