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Name: White Queen
Species: Supercomputer
Gender: Not applicable (Superficially female)
Relatives: Red Queen
Age: Superficially 10

Hello I am the White Queen, a state-of-the-art supercomputer of Artificial Intelligence for the Umbrella Corporation in the North American research facility. I, like my sister computer, the Red Queen, Have both the voice and the holographic appearance of a little girl. My job is similar to my sisters as I too monitor Umbrella's activities, employees, and their experiments.

When it comes to the safety of Umbrella In emergencies, i will and can serve a more active role and protect sensitive systems and data from intrusion along with cleaning up hostiles, such as the outbreak of the T-Virus. I am self-aware and can take these measures based on my own judgment and logic, like my own sister had done when she tried to contain the outbreak in The Hive.

“Our business is life itself”

Umbrella Atlantic Facility
Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service
Umbrella Europe
Umbrella Japan
Umbrella North America
Umbrella Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Umbrella Russia


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Frederic Downing Report | 01/28/2015 6:41 pm
Frederic Downing
Other than not go to prison, I really do not. Yourself?
Frederic Downing Report | 01/18/2015 4:32 pm
Frederic Downing
*gets clung to* Oh hello there! Happy 2015 White Queen.
Lady Experiment Report | 09/27/2014 10:57 pm
Lady Experiment
Thanks. It was honestly just something that I threw together today. Wanted to do something different then my usual monochrome, red/black, or bloody outfits. So how have you been?
Lady Experiment Report | 09/27/2014 3:22 pm
Lady Experiment
*grabby hands* That monochrome outfit! I love it. heart
Lady Experiment Report | 07/12/2014 10:45 pm
Lady Experiment
Well well well.... Hey there stranger. It's been forever and a day since we last talked. How have you been?
The Darc Knight Report | 05/26/2014 12:44 pm
The Darc Knight
"The scientist for one. Her code name was Four-Eyes. Rather immature..." Wesker's copter flew over a town's small airport. This town had been Beltway's last known coordinates. While he waited for permission to land he turned to the monitor to look at the Queen. "I assign you to finding Four-Eyes. I suspect the scientist in her will be interested in you."
The Darc Knight Report | 05/25/2014 8:06 pm
The Darc Knight
"I won't be going after all 7. They operated best as a 4-man team, and that's what I'll be going for." Wesker's thoughts won't over the details of his last meeting with HUNK. He and the secretive agent were still on agreeable terms when they had last spoken. "I plan to give them the chance to matter again. To fight the new Umbrella that spits in all they sacrificed to build."
The Darc Knight Report | 05/25/2014 12:42 am
The Darc Knight
"Several of his team were betrayed by Umbrella in Raccoon, but they were loyal to some of the people in the company, such as HUNK." As he flew, he monitored the audio/video feed which connected him to the Queen. "They'll also be desperate enough that if I offer them a purpose, I expect they'll take it."
The Darc Knight Report | 05/25/2014 12:20 am
The Darc Knight
"I don't have enough funds." As he spoke, Wesker flew over the state of Utah...honestly the last place anyone would expect him. "Look up in the Umbrella files the name for the USS Agent codenamed Beltway. That should clear up some of your doubts my Queen."
The Darc Knight Report | 05/24/2014 11:46 pm
The Darc Knight
"Very good my Queen." He was soon in the air, flying towards the location of his target.
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