Miimi です、よろしくお願いします


If you ought to know, I am a pariah but if you'd ask me,
I'll say that I am more like a parasite.

It bothers me the incessant drip, drip, drip of existence. My life became this relentless routine where I can't seem to pursue a certain path — the process of maintaining my sanity. It's repetitive. But above all, it's tedious. My sanity is simply a grind. It is just this leaky faucet that requires constant maintenance. And not only in return offer not to weep, but also ponders the motives behind my lethargic mindset. The solace undesired complaint would be my moronic preoccupation of the meaninglessness of existence. The deviance in which, I suppose, my mind would not settle for. I've been rattled with this disease all my life. The kind of disease that corrodes you from inside out. It is insidious for me to contain it. Meanwhile, the world is against me; they keep telling me that I think too much, that I should just let it be. But I decided to let it shackle my soul. I won't uphold my part of the bargain: I won't be silenced. Not anymore.


This sorrow one day will melt away...


~ sigh... ~

- disclaimer -
This is the internet.
Sometimes, I will come off as ignorant,
closed minded, stupid, narcissistic,
rude, schizophrenic, immature and quite annoying...

Get over it.

~ Ironically, something worth living is something you could die for. ~