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IVI e l a n c o l i e ' s D o o d l e S h o p

Tonight only, the Moon will yawned lazily in the luxurious comfort of a cloudless sky. Only then, I'll feel that I belong.

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Miimi です、よろしくお願いします

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If you ought to know, I am a pariah but if you'd ask me,
I'll say that I am more like a parasite.

So tonight, I’ll be touched by the disturbing beauty of Life
but I’ll lay in bed with the waning magnificence of Death.
Blur minded, I should stop vomiting my sorrow. I should longed for tomorrow.
Meanwhile in my chaotic head, complied again in Life's idyllic metaphor, nothing matter anymore.
Nothing mattered anyways.


This sorrow one day will melt away...



~ sigh... ~

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Get over it.

This describes me


Come and join me in that dance macabre. Let the melody of my melancholic sorrow transcend your apathetic soul. Hear in the darkness my complaints. Alas, I can't be saved. I don't want to be saved. Let me ponder the nostalgia of this valse. Death has come, yet again, I've been ignored.

~ Ironically, something worth living is something you could die for. ~


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