I hope I find my catherine someday...



I like the pillows.I Love Mamimi.I love FLCL.

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Hello, I'm Vezpa.
You can also call me "D.P." if you like.
I'm a huge FLCL fan. I love the Pillows(Band from FLCL)
and have a crush on Mamimi.
(wonder why? Just ask.)
I play Runescape. I draw art on my tablet.
I'm a huge Zelda fan as well. Windwaker is my number one pick from all Zelda games(because of the music, environments and story).
I read web comics called: Two kinds, .Outbreak, and Flipside. Eventually I will be creating my own comic.
I love music. I am currently teaching myself to create/play music and instruments.
Currently teaching myself to play: Acoustic guitar.

Anything else feel free to ask.
I don't mind random comments/PM's.


Post here I might draw your avi when Im bored.


Story about Mamimi and I emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
I sit and daydream of lovely Mamimi and expels smoke as I sigh, who will bite my ear and say "mimi tabun"? Where can I find her? As the smoke floats up it morphs into the shape of a bridge, dare I become homeless myself to find her or will we we find a home inside each other?
The story goes wherever you want it to but it probably ends up with sweet sweet love under that bridge with only cigarettes to light your night and the occasional beep of her dying portable game system

Art work by Aerith Dieth: emotion_smilies/icon_drool.png It's so damn sexy! I just wanna...(insert "X"rated thoughts)! emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png
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I will make Mamimi Samajima my wife!
Draw my avi doing naughty things to Mamimi.
I have a d**k.

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