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I'm fairly bad at describing myself, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

My name is Alice and I'm exactly as old as you think.
I'm going to school for forensic psychology.
I have a bulleted and annotated list of my personality flaws.
My theological beliefs are crazier than yours, promise.
If I'm not making you feel uncomfortable, I've probably walked away from the computer.
My typos are usually intentional.
I curtsy to bunnies and once spent all my money on a wallet.
I like things like drinking, big words and ponchos.
I really like grey. I really dislike red.
I have soft spot for people who like creepypasta.
Talk to me about Slenderman sometime.

I have a facebook that I don't use.

Homestuck saved my life.

I prune my FL every month or so of people who don't value keeping in touch;
If you're still on it, prepare your a**s for anon gifts every once in a while.


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monkeyshiz of fail Report | 07/03/2014 6:53 pm
monkeyshiz of fail
haha hey, as long as you profited, and i will too it's all gooood
monkeyshiz of fail Report | 07/03/2014 9:48 am
monkeyshiz of fail
why np. thanks for the super cheap deal
AmoraDesu Report | 06/26/2014 1:24 pm
tnx for buing ;D

ps. Nice profile biggrin !
Berryfarmer Report | 06/17/2014 10:41 pm
Just give a heads up if when you want to fish.
Berryfarmer Report | 06/17/2014 5:27 am
I tend to do 5 buckets at a sitting if I'm alone. If I'm with people, it depends on how interesting the conversation is.
When are you usually fishing?
Berryfarmer Report | 06/14/2014 9:19 pm
No kidding. You'd have to be fishing for multiple wing projects for that investment to pay off.
I tend to fish at nights if you're ever wanting a fishing buddy to keep from getting too bored. I haven't quite got comfortable with Durem, and I've been fishing Bassken for goldfish and guppies to make the level 9 kimonos.
Berryfarmer Report | 06/14/2014 8:37 pm
I think you have to trade fish from the same lake. So maybe mutant crabs and pebbo feeders?
I have a trackpad too, which is why I opt for performance rod, unless somehow you've got the angelic rod.
Berryfarmer Report | 06/14/2014 8:10 pm
All about practice and patience. I recommend, if you haven't already, a set of the plus rods. And a bait hoard of at least 100 each to start.
Start in Bassken, practice with the performance and distance rods until you can catch Strippers and Catfish without much trouble then move up to Gambino until you can their big fish without much trouble. Then move up to Durem.
Nice thing about fish, that there isn't about bugs is an ability to trade multiples of smaller fish for bigger ones.
Berryfarmer Report | 06/14/2014 12:19 pm
Lots of towns and Durem fishing...
Berryfarmer Report | 06/14/2014 7:48 am
Ah, good luck. I hear those are very tricky. And the furniture, fish and bugs are nightmarish to get.



"I solo'd an NF with nothing but rock." - l-l a r l o t
Douchy hipster/goth
Questing: White Ink (14/750)
Quote me for any sort of recognition
I like stupid questions

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