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I opened the door in answer to a knock,
And seeing who stood there gave me such a shock,
For it was a fairy, looking all forlorn,
Her appearance was dirty, tattered and torn.

Her shoes were dusty, her hair a tangeled mess,
She had knots in her ribbon, and rips in her dress,
Her face was smudged, her lips cracked and dry,
Her wings were so tattered, she never would fly.

She spoke softly and kindly, so I listened well,
For she had some very bad news to tell,
“Your garden needs you” she quietly said.
I knew what was coming and listened with dread.

“There is no grass, the ground is dust,
Planting some lawn is an absolute must.
The flowers that bloom, are choked by weeds,
Pull them all out, get rid of them please.

The roses are overgrown, and pull at my hair,
If you cut them back, more buds will grow there.
The plants are thirsty, its water they need,
And the fuscias would flourish with a really good feed.”

Then she gave a little wave, and was gone from my sight,
I thought of her words, and knew she was right,
If you take care of your garden, then you can be sure,
You won’t have the tattered fairy, come knock at your door.
---- by: Jenni Mills 2005 ----


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My Totally Cool Journal

I have brown hair brown eyes and good smile. I love to dance,sing,swim,and shop. my best friends are so cool and popular like me! im cute pritty and every good thing u can say about me!


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Reika Shimohira

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Reika Shimohira

You're very welcome. ^w^ heart
Reika Shimohira

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Reika Shimohira

Happy Birthday~ ^_^ heart

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Reika Shimohira

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Reika Shimohira

You have such a cute profile! ^_^
Dark Devil Peyton

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Dark Devil Peyton

Your cute too that i want to marry you
Kilik Labaron

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Kilik Labaron

cool im ittalian too, mew mew? ive seen it one that karinia persons cool in it.

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hi! ^_^

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hey there well so how u doing well pm so we can talk ok
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LOL Don't let someone steal your hat hehehe blaugh
Goshikku blackrose

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Goshikku blackrose

hey how u
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Happy New Year!! 4laugh


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