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Haven't been on this site for quite a while. I have two turtles, and 8 7 fishes. I enjoy stuffing my face with makeup and food, not to mention the fact that I like m&ms. Currently obsess with Animal Crossing and Percy Jackson books, not movie. Oh! Just remembered that I love Elsa.

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Yurieru Report | 03/14/2014 6:55 pm
Well since someone doesn't like friends requests! Will you do the honor of adding me?
Blossom2000 Report | 11/02/2013 10:05 pm
Holy camoli ravioli your clothes are lookin' fine! heart
xXMr-LionXx Report | 09/14/2013 8:21 pm
You changed your name again ^^;
Lumbee Wolf Lady Report | 09/07/2013 7:06 am
 Lumbee Wolf Lady
that's so cool i want one of the outfits but is like $250 here in our party city store sad
Lumbee Wolf Lady Report | 09/06/2013 5:57 pm
 Lumbee Wolf Lady
cool your an assassin creed fan to. 4laugh
Zero Chemical X Report | 08/12/2013 10:00 pm
Zero Chemical X
Thanks for buying, Stop by again C:
-KawaiiButton- Report | 07/05/2013 7:20 am
I had them in my inventory, so I tried it on together. heh. xd
-KawaiiButton- Report | 07/04/2013 7:47 pm
hehe. But I like your avatars lips.
E l l i o t L i Report | 01/03/2012 2:21 pm
E l l i o t L i
Hiya biggrin
Blossom2000 Report | 12/08/2011 2:04 pm
Nicely done aquarium... nicely done...


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