Gaia registration: 2007
Name: Atlanta Rae Anthony or just call me Cox.
Age: 22
Location: Somewhere in the upstate of South Carolina
Snapchat: atlantaanthony
Conventions and cosplay plans.
I am (a): Neurotic, narcissistic, cosplayer, smart a**, douche, Southern, nice, perverted, geek, nerd, Trekkie, scientific, logical, offensive, funny, celestial body, ninja, insensitive c**t, indifferent, the universe, vulgur, lovable, & blunt.
I like: Supernatural, Dragon Ball, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, space, history, my face, family, Star Trek, Sherlock, EDM, classic rock, k-pop, horror movies, potatoes, Naruto, Kill La Kill, drawing, The South, horses, cats, dogs, my toilet, my bed, my invisible bae, Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire, Orange Is the New Black, Starfighter, video games, Halo, Battlefield, Forrest Gump, War movies, history, DC, Marvel, & idk what else.
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About me.

My name is Atlanta Rae Anthony, many call me Cox, Coxy, Atl, Hot'Lanta, Tachi, Ox and various other names in which I am too lazy to ******** name.
I am known for my humor, intelligence, self confidence, random stories, sociopathic tendencies, and dashing good looks. Aside from those things, I am also a good friend and family member. I respect my friends and everyone who I am fond of. I am also a very logical person to a point. I see life for what it is, I understand it. I see past the bullshit that society has sprawled out. Look up, and perhaps maybe you'll understand what I am saying. *wink*

I plan on majoring or making a hobby in the field of astrophysics because I feel a great need to dedicate my time and effort into studying space. Space is something that I have always loved, because when I was little, I'd often catch myself looking at the stars. My father taught that to me and would always say, "Look at the stars Atlanta, you'll learn much more than you think from them." He was right, because the stars are us and where we came from. They are what we are. They are us. We are made from them. We are one with the universe.
I find it highly impossible to ignore the possibilities of life out amongst the stars. I find that if we unlock the answers of the universe, that we will unlock the answers to our existence. I don't see anything more important than doing this, because this is what we are and what we are destined to do. We were destined to study the stars, because the stars hold many answers. Life is not what you think it is, and everything has a reason behind it, no matter how simple or complex. Space is way too beautiful and important to ignore and if you were to force yourself into ignoring it, then you are destined to be forever ignorant. If you don't find yourself loving space, then that would be fine, but at least acknowledge that you are one with the universe or perhaps we are not alone in the universe, then I will cease calling you ignorant. One thing I've always come to think, was that if alien life presented itself to us, then all wars and human conflict would end. Don't you think so?
If one doesn't seek meaning through knowledge, then one lacks meaning.
#Space #Supernova #Galaxies

I'm pretty funny and I know I make people laugh. If you don't laugh, then you're like a rock, basically dumb, lifeless and likely covered in parasites or something. Hell if I know what rocks have on them... it entirely has to do with where they are.
I'm pretty open to jokes, but beware, I'm prone to making perverted jokes. I've been known to make people laugh so hard, they nearly take a dump in their pants and throw up.... I made a friend cry once, but that solely depends on your sense of humor.
I mean, some people have flat personalities, so it's hard to make them laugh. Oh well, it's their loss I guess.
#YOLO #Swag #2Chainz

I'm pretty wrapped up in fandoms. I'm big into Supernatural, *blesses it like the holy trinity* The brother Sam, the demon bro Dean and the holy Castiel... *moans* Supernatural is love, Supernatural is life.
Seriously, don't s**t talk my boys, because for if you do, I'mma get my hands, reach them up your a*****e and RIP your ******** liver out. After I do that, I'mma salt it and burn it right in front of you. I'll be chanting some Satanic cult like s**t, hella hard, as you twitch on the ground like, "Ayeee, gimmie my liver back!" Ninja, you ain't gonna get that motha ******** liver back. That liver gone' be burnt as sheit, all salted and burned. Like, you gonna be like, "Ayeee..." all cry'n and sheit like a lil b***h.
I'm serious about Supernatural, like, I'm one of those people that worship a giant life sized cut out of Castiel. loljk, but no, I actually came close to buying that, like you have no idea tho.
I also cosplay Castiel, so. Yolo swag holla.
#Castiel #Dean #Sam

I'm a proud trekkie. May Spock declare everlasting logic and Kirk bless us with dashing charm. Don't get me started, Star Trek is basically the foundation of awesomeness. They have a society where human problems are solved and more important things are in mind, such as space. Humans are less savage, unlike the people we have the misfortune to live with in today's time. They value other races, and are at peace with who they are and where they come from, thus making racism irrelevant. When Abraham Lincoln appeared before the crew, he says to Uhura, "What a charming negress. Oh, forgive me, my dear. I know that in my time some use that term as a description of property. " But then Uhura replies, "But why should I object to that term, sir? You see, in our century, we've learned not to fear words." Everyone should learn from the lovely Uhura! You see, the way of the Star Trek is logical! Wars, murder, and racism is irrelevant. Ladies and gentlemen are on equal terms, there is no gender division, and races are equal and feel the term "oppression" to be utterly illogical. People see life for what it is and seek knowledge. They seek meaning and look up to the stars. They have made peace with humanity, and crawled out of the primitive stage. THEY ARE STAR TREK. You mustn't think too hard about this now, because looking at it, it's easy to comprehend. The riots you see on TV, the people you see whining about "privilege" and "oppression" are actually the one's causing the problems. Now, if we could just get rid of those people, or make those people open their eyes to reality, then we'd get past all of this bull. They'd then understand that the riots about a thug that robbed a store, and the riots about race issues aren't actually relevant to life, nor are they relevant to the universe. We have these puny little problems that we THINK are important, but we fail to realize that we a part of a much bigger story. The day humans, like in Star Trek, see extraterrestrials, is the day all wars will end, and all human conflict will cease. Humans will realize that the things they have been doing are the things of the past. The things of the past that make us illogical and shroud our judgement. The day that comes, is the day people will stop killing each other. They'll see more to life. Now, I love my guns, I have many, but for when that peaceful day comes, I will happily throw my guns down and say to the world, "I DON'T NEED THIS ANYMORE." And then look around at TRUE PEACE. *flails arms* FEEL THE LOVE PEOPLE. Open up... s-see what I see... f-f-feel what I feel. *heavy breathing* Understand it... the truth. We must also work to locate issues before they become bigger issues. Find the root of evil and help it become good. For when this happens, crime will go down, and people will not need to be executed and killed. People will not rape, or steal. They will LOOK UP. Look up... it's so simple... we will never be a civilized race until we realized that our SMALL issues aren't important. We need to work together. Perhaps that's why aliens don't publicly talk to us. Perhaps they know we're not ready. We're too savage and too stupid to understand, because right now, we don't understand ourselves, so how can we understand the universe too? Or other races of beings? Stop the issues before they're bigger issues... set phasers to stun, and humanely handle it. *reaches hand out* SAVE US SPOCK, YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE. And Kirk, I'll be the captain for sec *pushes Kirk over*. Scotty to the engine room, we're getting ready for warp. We need McCoy, *touches Kirk's man chest* emmh *looks up*... DAMN IT, Where's Chekov? CHEKOV SIT DOWN. SULU, get us out of here... but first, UHURA, SEND A MESSAGE TO STARBASE, we're going to the thing... Sulu, set course to Pornhub at warp 4. *leans back*
#He's Dead Jim

I am into Naruto and I cosplay Itachi. It's actually my first anime / manga everrr that I actually obsessed with.
I'm pretty up to date with the manga and I update chapter reviews in the Naruto Forum weekly, but there have been times when I skipped a week.

I attend conventions and dress up. Don't laugh at me, I know how to have fun, you stupid b***h. Stop laughing.
Ayeee. But really, I'm into that stuff, yo. I'll talk about conventions and if you'd ever want to hang with me at one, feel free to hit me up.
I mainly stay around the Atlanta conventions though, because those are closer than the others I've heard of. One day I actually hope to go to a few in California.

I'm a pretty chill individual, depending on the situation. Don't hesitate to say hey or drop a PM. I mean, I'm good to get along with, as long as you don't come across as an idiot. I'm always willing to make friends. Don't let my blunt and insensitive side turn you away, because honestly, don't worry, I won't bite... at first.
I've made some of my bestest friends here on Gaia, so you never know, you might be one of them if you're cool to talk to.
#KFC #LordLucifer #LOLz

I like history and science. I find that stuff pretty cool. Along with those things, I'm pretty interested in mythologies too. So yeah, feel free to talk to me about that stuff too. My favorite era to talk about is WW2, so yeah. I'm also one to talk about the Civil War. When it comes down to it, I'm the person who doesn't follow the school history books, mainly because they don't tell the whole and honest story.

I'm a big a** nerd. In real life, I'm often caught wearing DC, Marvel, anime, Supernatural or anything fandom related, Naruto, Scifi, Doctor Who, and various other types of shirts. Hell, I even have a Tardis dress.
I'm pretty much into reading comics, watching science documentaries, comic book convention interviews and all kinds of other things. I'm actually wanting to be an astrophysicist, *crosses fingers*
But yeah, I like all the good stuff, so feel free to strike up a convo with me, yo.

I draw, so yeah, it depends if I have free time. I've drawn for a while now, but hopefully I'll get the nerve to open my own shop. *single tear*

I'm a blunt individual, along with that, I have offended people, mostly people that I hate or simply don't care about. I honestly don't care if I offend anyone stupid, to be honest. I don't live life to please weak minded people. If you go around getting offended about every little thing I do, then your life is boring and maybe you should find other people to hang around. Don't read my s**t if you can't handle what I have to say. Don't give me a sob story on why I didn't care about other people's feelings, or how you're "oppressed". In fact, I do care about people... and the people I DO care about have earned my respect. If you haven't earned my respect, then I don't give a ******** about how you feel or how your family feels. Let me lay it out, I care about people mainly as a whole, but not idiots. I would LOVE to see a perfect world where peace and love is abundant, but that likely won't happen in my lifetime, so I place my respect on people who deserve it.
Kids, most old people, veterans, nice people, respectable people, most of my family and various other people have my respect.
#5Ever #Twerk #Gangsta

I'm an open minded person, honestly and I do love to hear other people's viewpoints on subjects. If you oppose me, please be respectable about it, because if you do, then I will respect you as well. I'm an understanding person, but remember this... I do sense bullshit and if you have it, I'll flush you down the toilet like the massive piece of poop you are. I'll plug my nose up like, "Aye, you lil' s**t, you gone get flushed. Now get the fawk outta here."

I don't like it when people go around like they own the place and talk s**t to people like me and my friends, family and various other people whom I've come to care about. I despise people who think that it is ok to be a delinquent or whore around because they want to. I have always found that people in general were confusing, yet easy to understand. I've always thought of idiots, like sluts and douches, to be lesser than me and my fellow respectable individuals.
Delinquents, stuck up snobs, and sluts aren't necessarily individuals that I'd actually consider as "people." Now, anyone can say, "Well, they are people." Well, no s**t Sherlock, of course they are people, but not mentally. To be completely honest with you, they are simply individuals who are terribly unimportant to anything in life. They live life day by day consumed in irrelevant thoughts. They don't place a single thought to what the bigger picture is, so they're basically robots and completely irrelevant to life as we know it. They are basically NPCs, aka Non playable characters, irrelevant to the story line, so they only serve in the background.
So, with this in mind, don't come up to me with your trashy aroma of false confidence and disbanded morals. Don't come up to me and attempt to s**t talk me cause you think I'm a b***h and I don't have my priorities straight, when you're the one whoring around, being a bimbo, lacking common sense, stealing s**t, acting "thug," or sagging your pants like the a** hat your parents never wanted. We all know that people like that lack a true parents love. In fact, if their parents happened to still be alive, chances are they pretended to love them the entire time of their existence. Sucks to suck, I suppose.
******** you and your whole family. Actually, no, I don't want to ******** you, you damn ratchet hoe. I might catch some type of STD, hella!
#Satan #666 #Urmom

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