Hello everyone....my name is Giselle I live in San Diego and I graduated from an arts school this summer, I'm currently attending San Diego State University(SDSU) where I am majoring in Biochemistry, soon to be majoring in medicine.....

I'm 19 right now,I turn 20 on July 13,I'm 5'2(I went back down my original size,don't ask,I go up and down half the time smilies/icon_xp.gif),have short brown hair,brown eyes that change every once in a while.....mostly when I cry they change to a greenish/brownish color, sometimes they go blue but its rare:xp:. I'm nice to everyone,I apologize to much,I was shy when I enter to college but some how I changed lol. I love to read a lot, some books I've read are the complete saga of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, The Summoning Saga by Kelly Armstrong, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I started reading a si-fic book called Uglies.

I love to bake, if I could I would open a small buisness and call it Gigi's Little Shop of Sweet's. I love to bake cake's, cookies, cupcakes, you name it:D. I also started working with fondant (sweet paste use only by pro's) and I did a friends birthday cake as well as my little brother's birthday cake:3nod:. I write a lot and am currently working on a story called Lucky thats on my journal here on Gaia. It's just a rough draft though, really, it has so many typo's that I myself don't know what was on that day:sweat:.

I listen to so many different genre's of music, from J-pop to K-rock to C-pop, even bollywood:3nod:.
Artist I listen to are Rainie Yang, Nicholas Teo, Loveholic, Yuna Ito, JYJ, 2PM, 2AM, BIGBANG, 2NE1, JiSun, FLOW, Bump of Chicken, Joe Hisaishi, David Bisbal, Camila, Alexander Pires, Jose Jose, Ericka Ming, 3rd Coast, Mai Fukui, GUMMY, Fall Out Boys, My Chemical Romance, K, P!NK, Avril Lavigne, Ayaka Hirahara, Cindy Wang, Angela Zhang Shao Han, F.I.R, Loveholics, Se7en, Andrea Bocceli and others I can't remember at this moment.smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

My favorite anime are Sailor Moon, Candy Candy, Knights of the Zodiac, The Vision of Escaflowne, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Vampire Knight, Zombie-Loan, Princess Tutu, Eureka Seven, ect(can't think of all of them from the top of my head)

Favorite color:don't have one but blue began to be my favorite
Favorite song:Endless story
Favorite, Favorite, Favorite song: Ai no Uta
Favorite food:mac and cheese (the one they do at HomeTown Buffet)
Favorite artist:Yuna Ito
Favorite Boy-Band:BigBang!!!!!!!!(what can I say, I am dazzeled by the, all XD)
Favorite Girl-Band: 2NE1
Favorite anime:Naruto!!!
Favorite male Character:Gaara!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite female Character:Time Skip Sakura^^
Favorite book:Twilight Saga


Funny scene^^


This image was drawn by Lisa(evelin7) and colored in by my mom on photoshop*snif,snif*thank you so much

This picture was drawn by my mom on photoshop,it's the newest that she has of my....much love

And my dear good friend Dee who graduated today. Best of luck to you in collage in the Phillipinese smilies/icon_heart.gif

Funny comic strip

And every girls wish smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

I liked this image a lot, its done by Tubenose from mangarevolution and he did this for his sister's baby shower if I'm not mistaken, it is NOT mine

My Luna-Sama, or the D.O.T I wish I could have

And my friend Noona that reminds me alot of my actual cat/future doll

And Envy-Sama, my other D.O.T I am working on getting

And my friend Nick who looks alot like my cat/future doll

"Why do I need two dolls that wont talk and wont move and that will stay for ever stuck in time, not aging, not crying, not nothing; when I already have the real deal...
Nick is my D.O.T Envy and Noona is my D.O.T Luna

And this sad little story that my mom found on our favorite cosplayer's deviantart. It was very sad that I could not continue reading so my mom read it as I cried. The story is called Ugly and I loved it so much that I wanted everyone to read it. :smilies/icon_crying.gif:


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Thanks Giselle. :] I would have responded earlier but I was going through my first hangover... so yeah... haha just kidding, alcohol is for people that like to forget about the day but I rather know what in the world I did the next day. XD It was fun though, some friends took me to go see a movie then they took me out to eat. So when I got home I had a surprise party waiting for me and before you ask, no I didn't get caked, maybe next time. lol
I hope everything is going well with you too and I hear you did well this semester so it all worked out, congrats. :]

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-pokkkeee poookkkee- ;3 and im glad ur good buttt dont stressss lol

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hey how u been? smile -poke-

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All I have to do is lift my leg and put it on his forehead, he won't reach me, so ha.

It's not lame, a lot of people quit or just found something better so don't worry about it. Go ahead and message me anytime but just a heads up as you can tell I reply rather slow. XP
the unique

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the unique

Oh Mujer! Do u want me to go over and help you study?? Maybe you need an influence smile Ill take my test too so we can have different types of questions smile

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Don't worry I can see your jealousy deep down so you don't need to admit it. XD Though I'm sorry to break it to you, but you will not be caking me nor will anyone else, unless it's a child then I don't mind. lol XD
the unique

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the unique

How many did u miss this time??
the unique

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the unique

Hey yo! Wassup? biggrin

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I know I'm old, you're just jealous. so don't worry I'm not hurt. xd Don't worry about it she told me you did so thank you twice. lol xd As I told her to bad for you because I didn't get cakes this year, maybe next year though so who knows. XP

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You're welcome and hope you had a great one with your family. blaugh