Be the milk to my oreos..?

Krystal Marissa
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My dearest Noir Vayne,
No words can perfectly describe of what you mean to me. You are adorable, kind, caring, generous and you are just 10 billion sweets packed into a form of a human being. You have been by my side for the longest time, enduring my sadness/drama and laughing at my corny jokes when they aren't even funny - most importantly you accept me for who I really am and I am truly thankful for that. You have been so supportive of me that it makes me cry - happy tears ofc! You are definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me and I just want you to know that i'll be right here, by your side if you ever need anyone to talk to. I love you so so much, please dont give up on anything in the world because that just means not moving forward. Do what you love because that's what worth living for. Take care honey-pie. <3

Sweet Sweet Inauthentic,
Well let's see. Hi. How are you ? I'm kidding, LOL. Luke, you keep saying that you're mean, selfish or whatever. But I deny that. I am totally Switzerland with that. Because in my eyes and heart, you are cute, kind, smart, thoughtful and not to mention HOT.(IFCDYING) I know you're having a rough time with life and *ehem* problems right now but I hope you have your happiness always. Because you deserve it and I dont see you getting any lesser than others do. Stay strong, okay ? I irs here for you always, and so is Noir. Soo, thank you for being my best friend now. I love you, my beau's onii-chan. Please, for the sake of humanity. Smile, every day and night. And stop getting drunk, okay ? Good. Take care hottie. <3


Nothing atm. <3

w i l l b e b a c k i n d e c e m b e r
m y h i a t u s i s o n a n d o f f

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