Enter Random Battle Sequence

Lvl: ?????
I am a major game nerd I have played every main series Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry , and countless other games

The current game I am playing is Shin Megami Tensei 3

I'm also an anime nerd aswell.

I compose music for a living , I am currently doing the music for a friend's game.

I am 22 years old
I am a college drop out
I am an amazing artist visually and musically.

I play guitar, bass , and drums . I once had a dream to make an epic band. But now I spend my time writing symphonic-metal pieces for fun, I also write poetry, and short stories. So if I correct you on grammar and spelling do not get mad that will PISS ME OFF.

I am also very weird, I believe that the moon has bears on it that plot to attack us.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time watching horror movies , so not much can scare me other than MOON BEARS.

Oh I just forgot this was a random battle

- casts Death-

Game Over