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about me!

Name: Isidora Andina
Age: 19 (in human years)
Age: 1900 (in dragon years)
Speicies: Dragon (black ice dragon)
Hometown: town of Lavania
Current Residence: No current residence, she is a wanderer or some call traveler.
Occupation: Traveler.
Talents/Skills: can cause the ground to become black ice under her oponents feet to make them slip and get their guard down. Makes Ice sculptures, very good with kids and animals.
Birth order: Only child
Spouse (describe relationship): Her father Died in a war he was leading, he was one of the well known knights in Lavania. He had always spoild her with gifts he got from traveling, his scales were dark blue, almost looking completely black, with a white tip on his tail had fur. Her mother on the other hand, was very frail and weak after giving birth to her. She was a sweet and charming lady, her scales were pink with light blue scales scattered around her body.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5'5
Weight: 230lbs
Race: Black-Ice Dragon
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Hair Color: dark blue, dark purple, and light blue.
Glasses or contact lenses? None
Skin color: Purple-ish blue scales, but unlike other dragons she was born with a patch of fluff on her chest, most likely passed down from her father.
Shape of Face: Round eyes, cheeks rounded, lips plump, and her over all facial look would be considered as round or circular in some areas.
Distinguishing features: The fluff on her chest.
How does he/she dress? normally doesnt wear clothes due to the land she was from where no dragons wore clothes, but when she does wear clothes more or less its just underwear.
Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) Eating to fast, Stepping on her own tail, tackling people to the ground when she is excited or happy, climbs up trees when scared.
Health: pretty healthy despite how much and how fast she eats.
Hobbies: Drawing, Singing, Playing with children or animals (even if the animal is her food), swimming in lakes or rivers.
Speech patterns: She stutters when flustered, but usually talks plain and clear most of the time.
Disabilities: She has no wings which makes it harder for her to go into higher places, usually has to climb up things by her claws, its become easy for her over the years.
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): SHe has many styles, she can be a little clumbsy and irrational at times, but her overall style is between elegant and childish.
Greatest flaw: she trusts to easily, usually resulting in her getting harmed mentally and or physically.
Best quality: kinda and caring.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths: Climbing, Digging, Singing, Adapting to enviroments.
Weakness(es): Cant fly, To trusting, beilives everything, Earth Magic.
How does the character deal with anger? SHe can sometimes hold back, but when she is enraged she cant seem to control it, resulting in blood, fights, and scars.
With sadness? Holds the sadness within her and tries to keep a smile on her face so no one worries about her.
With conflict? Gets confused and usually lashes out but tries to stay away from conflict.
With change? SHe can adapt to any enviroment, so change would only be a slight thing for her, unless its dramatic.
With loss? SIlent, speaks to no one, stays by herself and grieves alone.
What does the character want out of life? SHe really doesnt have a plan, she wants kids one day but besides that she just rolls with the flow of time.
What would the character like to change in his/her life? Have children, have a family of her own.
What motivates this character? Love, Friendship, and over all anything thats nice.
What frightens this character? Conflict, Drama.
What makes this character happy? Pretty much everything, shes very easy to please.
Is the character judgmental of others? Clumbsy, Irrational, to trusting, kind, sweet, generous, great with kids.
Is the character generous or stingy? generous
Is the character generally polite or rude? Polite.

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