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Welcome to Tombstone Trail...

NAME: Isibeal
GENDER: Female
TYPE: Donas de Fuera ( shapeshifter )
NORMAL HEIGHT: 5'0" ( 152 cm )
WEIGHT: 92 lbs ( 41 kg )
RANK: Guardian of Tombstone Trail & Faerie of Death
WEAPON: Skull jack-o-lantern pouch
TALENT: Shapeshifting
KINGDOM: Croí Naofa
FAMILY: Iron God (Father)
ETERNAL BELOVED: Laich (male / human / deceased)

Mood : Cold


Her Father
Croí Naofa
Spirits of Tombstone Trail
Glim Fruit

× Certain types of metal
× Most Humans
× Being in confinement
× Annoyance named Kamiko

Death of the world
Lack of control
Failing Laich's dream

Dancing among the spirits
Guiding souls to her shrine
Being drunk on Magicola

Able to drink more Magicola than a Dwarf does.
Speaks with a strange accent (like Mr. Drippy from Ni no Kuni).
When angry, may or harm (or attempt to kill) the person who made her angry.

. The small God Faerie Isibeal, a little one who is filled with the darkness and rage her Father had given her from birth. Quick to anger and can easily be pushed into a wrath sought for blood. But most of the time, to those who meet her outside of her duties, she can be compared to that of a small child throwing a temper tantrum, till her anger is pushed to her rage mode.

. However, on the contrary, she is also gentle and loving with the spirits and souls she takes care of, as well as animals she comes across. She wouldn't dream of murdering an animal or another Faerie kin in cold blood. This Faerie of Death also has a huge soft spot for one person in partcular. Becoming a different person whenever they are involved as a sign of love.

* ~~~~ *

. When the Faeries were first brought upon the world of Valkoria, the Goddess gave life to six Guardian-Faeries who shall protect the land, guide the Faerie people, and keep the world alive. Because of the importance these Guardian-Faeries gave to everyone, there was a kingdom built upon worship of the Gods, and especially the Guardian-Faeries. With each of the six, living in their own shrine spread throughout the world, the entire world was under one kingdom. With the Guardian-Faeries, there was true peace and balance for everyone.

. Unfortunately, all was not meant to be for when the Iron God attacked and defeating him made the other Gods and Goddesses tired; it forced the Guardian-Faeries into a deep sleep. There was no for sure idea when the Guardians would wake up, till one did. One Guardian-Faerie had awakened to see the horror of what her precious world had been left in, the ruin of their home, their kingdom; Croí Naofa.

. The smallest of the Guardian-Faeries whom had awaken, was none other than Isibeal, Guardian of the Tombstone Trail, and the Faerie of Death. Her job was to guide souls and spirits of the dying to death and to be reborn. With Isibeal finally awake, she was able to carry out her duties while waiting for her fellow Guardians to awaken from their slumbers. Of course as she watched from the top of her shrine within the mountains of Tombstone Trail, she could only see the horror that these people were putting their precious world through: the pointless wars, the suffering, and the hatred. As time went on, one by one, Guardians started to awaken.

. Even with the chaos of the world, the Guardian-Faerie had found love with a human man. It was unorthodox for her love as she was a Godly Faerie-being who had a job to serve Valkoria and the Gods. But her small beating heart could not resist the charms of the human who wooed her with each passing day he paid tribute to her at her shrine. Alas, the love she shared for this human man was not meant to be. With the next coming war, he was enlisted as a solider and was slain on the battlefield. Isibeal was mourning for the loss of her beloved, but had hopes they could still be together in his death or even in his next life. The other Guardians did not allow this, as Isibeal was ignoring her duties for this human and took his spirit away from her, never to know if he still remains a spirit or if he was ever reborn again.

. Throughout history, there have been stories about the small Guardian-Faerie. Stories of her appearing on battlefields, crying for the lost souls she had to carry away. Stories of her saving other groups of Faeries from death by spiriting away the small armies that marched to destroy Faerie-kind. While all of these stories are true, there is one other task Isibeal had done that stood out from the rest. In efforts to help the world heal, she thought the world needed guidance, to fall under the same type of united Kingdom that Croí Naofa once was. She took one soul and embedded it with fragments of the sleeping Moon Goddess, giving it to one Faerie who would willingly take the responsibility bestowed upon them. That Faerie was none other than the first Faerie Queen- Luna.

. With every effort she had being a failure and unable to bare watching this anymore; every event throughout history and these wars destroying what little bit of life that is left in the world. Isibeal, the Guardian-Faerie decided it was time that they purged the world in hopes to start anew and maybe the golden age of peace could start again. With the last Guardian finally woken up, Isibeal gathered them all and gained their approval to carry out the plan on the purge in hopes their precious home, their loving world, is all but lost in saving.


. Of all this world's wonders nothing can compare to the mystical quality that is the Fairy. These nature creatures live deep in lush forests where they hide in places such as hollows, glades, veils and valleys. Fairies are a peaceful kind and wish to do their work in tranquility where time seems endless. There are few colonies of Fairies, though they are spread out in different areas depending on the type of Fairies they are. They are Guardians of Nature, the Fairy Queen's eyes and ears, her servants. However, some negative facts about the Fairy kind have left a rather ill impact on humans. Some see Fairies as magical creatures of wonder, while others see them as demonic beings. The cause for this is the mix of the good and bad qualities a Fairy possesses.

. The main problem and misunderstanding about Fairies is the lack of knowledge towards their complex ways. What makes fairies this way, to start, is their abundance of multi-personalities in one. A Fairy's personality can shift many times depending on the situation and one may call them 'bipolar' in ways. For example, a Fairy can be kind and gentle towards a human, the next second; they are being devious and casting terrible pranks on others. Sometimes resulting in the death of the human they play tricks on. Though a tragic turn of events, the Fairy wasn't meaning to cause fatal harm.

. In the many nature driven areas where Fairies reside, they eat a diet rich in berries, fruit, veggies, and other organic foods that can be found in the nature areas they live around. This is not the only food in their diet. Occasionally or often (depending on the Fairy itself) will require flesh, typically human flesh. This is because humans are creatures of curiosity and easily lured by a Fairy's charms into a feeding trap. Unfortunately, in the food chain and in the wild, there is no room for such concepts known as 'morals'.

. Even with such evil seen against, Fairies do help humans; though their help goes unnoticed by them. Fairies are what help to keep the land bountiful, for crops to grow, and give aid to animals in the wild. This magical race does possess magick; however, their magick also goes unnoticed by humans. While not all powerful (other than the Queen), they are a force to be reckoned with when provoked. It is best not to be rude towards a Fairy and to be polite; for if you are, they will show the same respect in return. That is, if you wish to be on their good side.


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