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Wearing all red and black, Slade wears a black set of pants with a single red line going down the sides (on both sides), A gentleman's vest with a white collar and white buttons at the same time, having a red material within the collar. Set upon his shoulders are black and red pauldrons. He his sleeves are black, their cuffs being red. He has string wrapped around his fingers, that is also attached to his puppet, that has a stitched smile and dead white eyes. Slade wears a single earring, and he has long flowing black hair, giving off a hypnotic sense when it sways from time to time. He has black and red wings, and his hat, which is his favorite, is black and red with two rings pierced at the side, the top being a pentagram. Slade also does not have a mouth that can be seen, unless shown.

It is not known where he came from or how he came to be, but it is known however, of what he does. Atop a small town's mountain, is a ruined castle, where slade is said to wander. Not many have dared to enter the ruins to find such a being, said to create nothing but puppets and dolls, made from the soulless husks of his victims. The stories of his "Hobbies" were used as a way to scare children. Eventually the stories have gotten worse, now saying this being kidnaps villagers in the night and replaces them with a puppet clone, to wander town as its original looking for the next victim for its master. Eventually the town turned on each other out of paranoia, in time making the town as silent as the ruined castle sitting above. Not knowing the one who had been telling such stories was the being himself taking the simple form of a regular human being, they took such stories to heart, and with that killing themselves out of fear, not wanting to be the next victim, but little did they know, he had already made clone puppets of all of them, and little did they know, he had already claimed them all as his victims. As he made his way back to his ruined castle, he looked about his chamber of puppets, identical to the recently deceased. Since then, the town continued as usual, towns folk doing the same daily tasks as the old towns folk, still telling the stories of the being that wandered that ruined castle, waiting, for history to repeat itself.

------Carnival Island------
The island, holding well over six luxury cruise ships themed to be a circus on the waters first made its appearance in the mid 1800's, housing exactly the same number of steamboats, each one randomly docking in parts of North America. The island stretches up to 30.7 square miles in diameter, surrounded by a fog so dense, those who do not know the island as well as the location, would surely wreck upon its rocky shores, scattered around the island. Three months out of the year, storms occur on and off, some lasting a few days to a month on and off tops, creating heavy rainstorms. Around the island was a different story however for there would be a wirl pool or two randomly placed only a few miles off the coast of the island, as well as the occational water spouts. This made getting to and from the island during those months impossible. Most of the island is just a green mass, holding two beaches, and a single cliff elevated due to the island's slope upward.

Atop the cliff you could see a lone island that held a single beach, one that wasnt as big as the tourist islands beach but a beach none the less, as well as a ruined structure sitting upon the island's surface. The structure could not be identified, accurately for some claimed it was a fort, some a castle, and others, a deserted prison. The island's rooms and luxury hotels remain close to the two beaches on the island, just far enough from the beach to avoid high tide. In the dead center of the island, a massive carnival sits, containing everything an amusement park and a carnival would have and more, still giving off the spooky carnival feel the tourists expected. During the mid 1800's the island made a name for itself and adopted the cliche name made by the tourists, Carnival Island. The island was the most popular and most demanded attraction at the time, even now.

Everyone craved to visit carnival island, though nobody knew when the boats would appear in their area again, to take them to carnival island. The boats would simply dock and remain docked until filled before departing. The ride to the island was always free, the island itself however wasnt. To have an experience like no other, living and eating expenses cost an arm and a leg, maybe even your very life, acording to rumors that began to spread from the tenth year it made its appearance, and halting such rumors in 2001. The rumors were of strange dissapearances, murders as well as another rumor stating the island to be cursed causing a small number of the tourist population to commit suicide on the final day of their stay on the island. Some insist these rumors were only made to ruin the islands tourism. Investigations, regardless of the reports of family members going missing, last known boarding the island cruise ships, were never investigated, for those who went missing never turned up in any documents, or databases, proving to never have existed in the first place.

The reports continued until people started to get arrested for creating false reports, assuming toi have only done so to ruin the island's name. Even if there was to be an investigation, they would never have made it to the island safely, as well as hope of return. the weather was just far to dangerous to investigate on such rumors. Everytime the carnival makes its appearance, there would always be new attractions, more carnival members, as well as the freaks within. The rumors however were indeed true. An island shrouded by fierce weather and dark illusions, the tourist population would slowly decrease, some commiting suicides, and others being kidnapped and experimented on, destined to be the newest freak carnival attraction. The rest made it out without any signs of being harmed. Only a small number of the existing tourists remember the horrible incidents that took place, let alone the missing tourists. The rests left with only the memory of fun and exitement. Leaving those still on the island, doomed to fade, leaving no traces of their past life behind.



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