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Gender: Female

Location: London, England

Occupation: Vampire, Officier in Hellsing, Alucard's Assistant


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Fan Art Masterpieces

This is the assorted fan art I have created since I've joined Gaia. Most of these Fan Arts I have created are for other users under request. Fill free to ask for Artwork on my Profile comments and will get to you as soon as I can. Prices on profile.



Hello! smilies/icon_whee.gif
Im just a normal, soft spoken girl with a complex personality.
My deep intentions are anime, friends, and ramen. smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif
I also like to relate to anything that is goth, skull like, or if it has to do with Evanescence.
Good luck not knowing me entirely....
p.s. - if you have any questions, ask Zora, my sister.
lol. loozrz. smilies/icon_smile.gif
Oh, did I mention I like Hellsing and its my #1 favorite show of all time !!!!!!!smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
give my any thing of hellsing and I be very pleased!smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Ultimate Hellsing Guild Profile:
Name: Seras Victoria
Species:Vampire (no duh)
Age: 19
Personality: Brave, but timid. Also is very caring, sweet, and native; but can also be agressive, violent, and sadistic at the same time. As well as being very tomboyish and very active. However is considered as a very independent being and is loyal to those who are her loved ones. Not to mention honest...too honest.:l
Likes: Blood, Alucard, hanging around with her buddies (Including Mercinaries and Hellsing organization), Shooting the living tart out of all kinds of ghouls, flying, and anything related to guns!
Dislikes: Twilight, hobokins in Monarch, Snobby people, People they think there creme of the crop, and idiots that go roaming free.
Bio: Both of her biological parents were killed by the age of 11 by a couple on convicts of which father was spying on and accidently was identified by one of the convicts. As she was trying to make her escape, she was shot by one of the other convicts and shortly was sent to an orphanage. Because all the people in the orphanage thought that she was so violent, they placed her in the police force with the Division -11(D-11) and willingly accepted it.Shortly after she joined D-11, her team was sent to a village name Chedder to investigate the mysterious dissappearances of the residents, whom they suspect that the colpuret was the village priest. Unfourtunately for Seras' team members, they were all attacked and turned into ghouls, while she on the other hand was about to be raped by the priest whom was discovered as a vampire. At the last minute, Alucard shows up and kills all the ghouls, although appears that they killed him at first. Then just as Alucard was about to kill the vampire, he decided to use Seras as a shield. Alucard then asked Seras of whether or not she was virgin. She responded yes, he then shoots both Seras and the vampire priest, which overall killed the priest and left Seras on the grass field leaving a huge hole in her right lung at the verge of dying. Alucard then bites and drains the blood from her neck, leaving her unconcious for about a few hours. She then wakes up on top of a white bed wearing her pajamas noticing that the hole on her right lung was no longer there, then looks up and sees Alucard sitting beside her. Few moments after she discovered that she was turned into a vampire. Integra then appears in front of her introducing herself as she issues Seras and her new uniform, and way later Walter issues her new weapon and introduces himself. Now she's an official Hellsing member whom fights along side Alucard, Integra, Walter, Iscariot, and the Mercenaries.
Weapons: Harkonnen
Powers: Can display superhuman strength (presumably she can lift at least 6 tons), superspeed (she can dodge bullets at close range), a "third eye" ability like clairvoyance that lets her penetrate illusions and see things from afar as well as sense auras by the look of it, and regeneration, can make teeth very sharp, like most other vampires, telekinesis, or more accurately tactile telekinesis, phenomenal lifting strength and load-bearing abilities, powerful muscles would afford her little help without a strong footing, wings do not flap, but soars much like a bullet, can absorb souls carried in the blood of others,the use of solid shadows which can control and shape at whim that emanate from the stump that was her left arm, allowing to create a bat wing to fly at enormous speeds and then later use it as a non-lethal weapon. can recreate arm to wield two pistols at once; also, can turn them into normal shadows, which follow her slithering ; lastly, the ability to turn them into deadly spikes capable of stabbing and killing effortlessly.

okay last one was fan made, but it was the only one I could find.
Final Product.

Hellsing AMV: Evanescence - Lies

Her Name is Alice - Shinedown (American McGee's Alice Version)


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_-Jexall-_ Report | 08/24/2012 6:58 pm
Teh moga biggrin awesome kh pic <3 im questing for green body dye biggrin not to buy but to make xD im making invader zim biggrin
dahdew Report | 06/30/2012 8:22 am
it's ok..thanks anyway. c:
dahdew Report | 06/29/2012 1:55 pm
heyyy,, iwas wondering if could buy all your driftwood for 1k? c:
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/13/2012 5:09 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na
Sweet. Heh. I bet you are good at it.
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/13/2012 4:58 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na
It'll go back to normal. :3 It always does. And you do avi art?
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/13/2012 4:52 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na's too curly for my hair. o.o It's going back to it's baby curls. >.< And I look retarded with it if I don't pull it back. And yeah. It's like 1/4 done. o.o Not the best work but still pretty good. Hah.
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/13/2012 4:46 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na
My hair....
It's a mess. xD Hahah. Though I love curly hair once in a while. o.o OH I STARTED A DRAWING!
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/13/2012 10:56 am
FaerieDust Chi-na
Yeah. Hahah. >w< I like it sometimes, but other times not much. o.o
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/12/2012 9:27 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na
Like...not my normal hair. xD Noticeable curly/wavy.
FaerieDust Chi-na Report | 06/12/2012 3:35 pm
FaerieDust Chi-na
My hair is a mess. Dx it's all poofy and curly.


Current Quest:
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FaerieDust Chi-na
Nathans Little Girl

I love kenni^.^

I love my panda!:D

Add me, IF you dare...

HELL YA! We have guns!

fake friends: Never ask for food.
true friends: are the reasons you have no food.
fake friends: Call your parents Mr/Mrs
true friends: Call your parents DAD/MOM
fake friends: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
true friends: Would sit next to you saying "Dang ... we messed up ... but that was fun!"
fake friends: never seen you cry.
true friends: cry with you
fake friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
true friends: keep your stuff so long they forget its yours.
fake friends: know a few things about you.
true friends: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.
fake friends: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
true friends: Will kill everyone in the crowd that left you.
fake friends: Would knock on your front door.
true friends: Walk right in and say "I'M HOME!"
fake friends: Are for a while.
true friends: Are for life.
fake friends: Will take your drink away when they think you've had enough.
true friends: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say "Yo drink the rest of that you know we don't waste things."
fake friends: will talk crap to the person who talks crap about you.
true friends: Will knock them right on there butts
fake friends: Will read this.
true friends: Will steal this
my best friends
don't know where i would be without them
hacked me D=
new me
gaia bro.
my original best friends!
they are the nicest people i have ever met!
95% of teens would cry if they saw Edward cullens about to jump off a skysraper.copy and paste this on ur pro if ur the 5% that would get a seat and a bucket of popcorn yelling,DO A FLIP!!!
Girlfriend <3

Prices: Prices vary, but here is a list I can give you based on quality.
Avi-Art (Photoshop(sm): 25-35k
(Bitmap(sm): 10-20k
(Colored(Lg): 40-60k
(Colored(sm): 15-25k

OC-Art (Photoshop(sm):20-30k
(Bitmap(sm): 5-15k

Couple Art:(Photoshop(sm):50-70k

Three People(my max):
(Bitmap(sm): 30-60k
(Colored(Lg): 120-180k
(Colored(sm): 45-75k

*Colored is basically art in refined colored pencils
*price will jump based on quality,detail,size,and number of people on the art.
*will not do line art,photoshop or bitmap on large pics, and m
*Large= Lg
*Small= Sm
*Will not charge based on desired art genre.ore than three people per art.

Art Genres (Optional, though pick for best results):Anime (Shojo,Gothique or Mystic,Shonen,Chibi.)Rare occasions realistic or CG.

For a Special Spot of Friends (No Jelly Please!)