For all my stalkers:

Well now let's see, I go by the names Isera or Chi, either's fine with me~
Oh gosh that rhymed ! ( I notice now most people call me Ise or Iser xD)
I enjoy drawing , and also I read manga.
I used to spend a lot of time on DeviantArt but not so much nowadays ,now it's more so on Gaia and the sims . I err.... I don't know what else to say here.. oh here's my art tumblr smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

I've been on Gaia since 7/10/2013.
My account worth according to Tektek is :
~111,967,226 gold. ( 12 - 28 - 13 )
~230,083,845 gold. ( 2 - 18 -2014 )
~243,887,560 gold. ( 2- 21- 2014 )
~281,747,250 gold. ( 2- 27-2014 )
~331,485,148 gold. ( 3- 5-2014 )
~457,178,954 gold. ( 3-13-2014 )
~851,783,609 gold. *3-30-2014)
~4,000,787,589 gold. (4.9.2014)
~23,691,600,109 gold. (6.1.2014)
~176,407,625,220 gold. (7.23.2014)
~364,667,575,886 gold. (8.11.2014)
I'm in a relationship : )
Sign : I'm a Scorpio
I am a Christian. I don't rub my religion in peoples' faces, but I am a Christian despite my weirdness XD
As you may notice I'm sort of animated when I speak I use a lot of tilde and emoticons when I type as well.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, message me... I might not bite >D


I do art commissions
I also do tutorial and what not~

Art by:Menacing Stranger


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Other Places

Listed below are a few other places I like to hang around on.
Totaljerkface a.k.a. Happy Wheels
Youtube Which is where I post my drawing tutorials and paint sessions
Vindictus: Psylas
BFH: Psylas and Psylas 2
Tera Rising: Psylas
Skype: **ASK**


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Art by: Me

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Art by:Menacing Stranger



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