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Taken by my amazing reindeer, Duncan. Who I love more than I could ever express in words and will continue to do so for the rest of my life~ emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

The name is Tara, or Tarara/Fang/Gorgeous/Marshmallow/Bubbles/Squirt/My little dragon/Perfect/Sexy.. ~ Prefer to be known as LilDragon.
I'm 16 years of age, always one year older in August on the 24th ^-^ and small perfect sized C:

I'm a strange little girl. I'm not that smart with Maths, I definitely can't count past 3, and I'm pretty hyper-active. I've got a somewhat short-temper, but a high sense of humor. I refuse to wear makeup, and I don't do the whole..Clothes shopping thing like most 'girly-girls' do. I prefer to stay home, and play games, and be lazy C: I'm quite understanding, although, sometimes I think this is taken for granted, but usually a ''Sorry'' makes me all fuzzy-hearted and I'll forgive you. Urgh, I'm so soft.

I have a super obsession for Pirates, Transformers, shiney things, and Pokemon.
I complain over things that can be so easily solved..Seriously. I'm really geeky, and nerdy. I'm a joker..Yup, it is true. I joke around, make things sound wrong, and tend to gigglesnort at my own gigglesnorting. I live off my laptop.

I'm A Gamer Chick. Live With It!
The weirdest people, are the bestest people!
This is Duncan as mentioned before >:3

I'm the person Tara puts up with for some reason :3

Here is what you need to know about Tara:
Nothing because she's my perfect person so go away
-She's amazingly perfect :3
-She's sick minded (Like me xD)
-She's small :3
-She has an amazing accent that she doesn't like for some reason
-She loves Falling In Reverse and The Lionn King
-She has squishy boobs
-She looks amazing and cute and sexy :3
-She cannot play COD n.n" Not without looking at flowers
-She is amazing at drawing :3
-She has an amazing laugh and giggle :3
-She's incredibly protective of me :3
-She has a really short temper :3
-She loves the anime Kiss x Sis
-She has really really really small hands o.o
And so so so so so so much more that would take forever to write :3

So to sum up she is a(my) Amazingly perfect, fun,sexy, beautiful girl :3 Words cannot describe how fun and awesome she is xD

Here's a picture of a wolf because she loves wolves more than anything xD
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^ I can play COD..The flowers are just too pretty, Duncan D:..And I don't love wolves more than I love you, so x3

Anywho..Now to my likes and dislikes xP

.English and Music 'cause Duncan is just too funny xD (Except now the timetables changed so we don't have them together anymore T-T)
.Cuddlez, kisses and hugs from Duncan ^-^ emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
.Kitties, Wolfies, ..Just animals in general
.Cupcakes and Cookies yummy_smilies/icon_cupcake.gif
.Spending time with Lexi and Duncan
.Being me! yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif
.Pokemon and Dinosaurs!
.Being warm and softness
.Superhero's (Ironman and Superman)
.Roleplay as my Wolf, Fang

.Being alone
.Justin Bieber and One Direction emotion_smilies/icon_vein.gif
.My little sister, Kat
.Negative stuff =3= (Maths included)
.Promises being broken..Can't keep? Don't make.
.School ..Because I have no classes with Duncan T-T
.Shouting/Yelling/..Being a b*tch?
.Cold..I'm like a lizard, I must be warm :C
.Greens yummy_smilies/icon_wasabipie.png
.Water - Improving on 'dis too =D
.Thunder n.n''

If you don't like me..You can kiss my dragon a** /)^3^(

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3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding

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Cute Avi Btw :3 What part in twilight is tht song played??

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HII c:

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Hai perfect c: heart

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SUP NIGGAS ^^ JUST CAME BACK ON GAIA AFTER HALF AYEAR WHOOO emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome sweatdrop

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Like your "about me" xD
Love you heart :3
ninja of the shadowss

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ninja of the shadowss

Heeey tara biggrin been ages since i heard from you xD yeah i've been busy i guess...never really had to time to download yahoo on my new pc...and tbh i didn't really like it that much anyways xD but last time we spoke it seemed like you didn't wanna talk to me :/ so i thought i should just leave ya too it.....but i guess ya do wanna talk again

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I'm not your daughter anymore surprised


Yue Edora

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Yue Edora

Thanks purchased ^_^ 4laugh rofl heart

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sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop



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