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..Before we go anywhere. I'm in a CLOSED relationship, which means, no, I am NOT available =3=
Taken by my amazing boyfriend Duncan. Who I love more than I could ever express in words and I shall love him forever n' ever! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

The name is Tara, or Tarara/Fang/Gorgeous/Marshmallow/Bubbles/Squirt/Puppy/T.J/My little dragon/Perfect/Sexy.. ~ Prefer to be known as Tara-Rex (T-Rex) =3
I'm 17 years of age, always one year older in August on the 24th ^-^..Uhh, and small perfect sized C:

Not quite sure what to tell you about me. I'm ridiculously clingy, I'm defensive, and I enjoy teasing people. I'm quite nerdy, funny, and full of those sick-minded jokes c:
I'm quite short tempered, however I'm very humorous so I can withstand the jokes that you say about me, so I guess that makes insulting me harder to achieve =3 I can be quite cheeky and 'bouncy', and I tend to be quite kind-hearted and want only the best for those who know me. In all, I'm a pretty cool peep =3

This is Duncan as mentioned before >:3

I'm the person Tara puts up with for some reason :3

Here is what you need to know about Tara:
Nothing because she's my perfect person so go away
-She's amazingly perfect :3
-She's sick minded (Like me xD)
-She's small :3
-She has an amazing accent that she doesn't like for some reason
-She loves Falling In Reverse and The Lion King
-She has squishy boobs which are mine to touch and no-one else's (Ian >.>)
-She looks amazing and cute and sexy :3
-She cannot play COD n.n" Not without looking at flowers
-She is amazing at drawing :3
-She has an amazing laugh and giggle :3
-She's incredibly protective of me :3
-She has a really short temper :3
-She loves the anime Kiss x Sis
-She has really really really small hands o.o
-She loves getting her faced munched on alien:Isolation c:
-She does not like having her feelings betrayed.
-Turn down for what?
-She does not need you to send her fishing rods >w>
-She's clearly amazing at pokemon xD
-Popping candy chocolate = Happy Tara :3
-She loves to be serenaded by my lovely singing c:
-1, nothing wrong with me.
-We have many tree's >w>
-Her feet are tickly c:
-She stole my dog! >:c
-1, something got to give
-You can't have her c:
-She can remember 1702 really well, even after we've opened the door and I'm staring at my hand trying to read it o:
-Her smile ;-;

And so so so so so so much more that would take forever to write :3

So to sum up she is a(my) Amazingly perfect, fun,sexy, beautiful gorgeous Tara :3 Words cannot describe how fun and awesome she is and I can't wait to change her last name XD

Although she is mine. So don't even consider anything. At all. -covers Tara's face- I has claim :c

Here's a picture of a wolf because she loves wolves more than anything xD
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Anywho..Now to my likes and dislikes xP

.English because Duncan is frickin' hilarious xD
.Cuddles, kisses and hugs from Duncan ^-^ emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
.Wolves / Dragons / Big Cats / Dogs / Dinosaurs
.Pokemon ( Pikachu / Charizard / Ninetales / Arcanine / Entei )
.Superhero's (Ironman and Superman)
.Transformers, and Pirates
.Roleplay as my Wolf, Fang

.Not seeing the bottom of water
.Being alone
.Chihuahua's ._. (Literally looks like a shaved rat.)
.No Duncan
.School (But Duncan, so it's worth going)
.Art Block

If you don't like me..You can kiss my dragon a** /)^3^(
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yea i know XD

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thx for buying

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I'm fine, thank you. ^^

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No no I'm fine...I was probably half doing something else to be honest.

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fine why?

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No it's okay, I didn't expect you too ^^

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Aw thank you Tara! :3 4laugh

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Thank you Tara - I really appreciate it. I just feel like I'm not right in the head at the minute and it's kinda of getting too much to cope with. Love you heart


My one and only~ <3