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Blooming Heart

Name: Pheonix (not Phoenix, Pheonix)
Age:A number in the number system
Eyes:Light brown, Red in the light.
Nicknames:Kitty, Pet, Twerp,Kitten, and Nixy,
Blood Type: A-
Hometown: The divide where heaven and hell meet.......(why u wanna know....)
Favorite Things: have too many, but some are My master, My freinds, My sister and brother,chocolate and such.
Facts:Im a twin, Im emotionaly unstable(emo), Im a kickboxer, I'm in a band, Im a Parkour and a gamer chick.
I Hatchu:Hackers,people who are full or themselves, Strawberries, Spiders, and Maggots(people wise too)
Mood Type: can be upbeat and hyper around my master, very distant and shy. Usually off thinking,and can be hesitant
Zodiac Signs By Birth, my rising is a Libra, and my moon is an Aries, my True sign that that or A Libra/Scorpio.
Miscellaneous: yeah i tend to be random and have a "i dont give a s**t about you or your exsistace." attitude so dont piss me off. ummm yeah...interested in meh, pm me. Thankies and beh-beh...

Something's Change

But I'll never be the same



I'm not sorry for changing


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