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Currently dropping by due to nostalgia

Dear all,

I'm leaving a tiny note here to state that I'm leaving gaia for an indefinite period of time. This is mainly because despite my best intentions I just find the time anymore to juggle my education, social life and many interests and hobbies. I do have many fond memories of this place and I might drop by again once in a long while when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Love you all!

Age: 24
Lives: Belgium and Aruba
Likes:Politics, International history and conflicts, Psychology, Aquariums, Aikido, Summer, Winter, Swimming, Iceskating, Sailing, Diving, Trivia, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Manga, Fanfiction.
Occupation: Bachelor Journalism
Current obsessions: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Homestuck

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MissFroschkoenigin Report | 07/12/2012 4:47 am
Thank you for explaining the Divi divi to me...because i started imagining really weird things xd ( some were really not propable, but hey, my imagination is veeeery creative ^^)

Yup, exams over, summer started a while ago - and with the football mania going, me moving out of the dormitory for the summer i stopped coming online for a long time - to much stress.
I survived the football mania quite well, even the few games played in Poznan, so it wasnt that bad, just a few streets clossed and lots of people with funny hats wink
All in all i'm more of a observer than a real football-fan, so nothing much happened there for me ninja

How is your summer going? For me its the last one as student, so i try to enjoy it to the fullest, but for now i'm a bit out of ideas and all i do is try not to waste to much time doing nothing, experiment in the kitchen and explore the countryside smile
Although i can't complain, all in all very enjoyable whee
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 06/01/2012 8:45 am
then i'll be looking forward to your reply, i had myself my first exam today, it was ...weird.... all about ergonomy, workplace organistation, human factor in technology and so on... but it went suprisingly well, so i'm pretty happy, just too tired to do something productive today, guess i'll roll myself up with a good book and forget about the stress for today ^^

But its great to know we both started of well whee This term i have very few exams, but the last one will be a rather tough one, so i'll have a harder time tackling it 3nodding
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/30/2012 10:07 am
You might have noticed, but i havent sent the monster galaxy gifts for two days now - the system wont let me, its showing me a message of fishing and i cant make it let it pass, it might take a day or two for me to work it out. I hope you wont mind, its not me being ungrateful or anything like that sweatdrop
Would do it sooner, but there's an exam waiting for me this my monsters have to spend more time in their treehouse on their own 3nodding
land of storms and tea Report | 05/26/2012 8:47 am
This is excellent. Tea-making down to a science. I could not approve more.
Of course, I've heard that some teas taste better when brewed for different lengths of time at different temperatures. Each tea has its different way to shine. XD
Still! I wouldn't doubt if Lord Mycroft Holmes were indeed behind such a thing. It seems like something he would devote the time to.
Digging the new avi, by the way!
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/24/2012 11:35 pm
Thanks for the good news, i really need something to fall back on, failling to catch messi and wasting like 7 seeds on it was a real mess.... now i dont feel like catching them, just looking for a nice quest, so might jump do something about the first part of the fat lady task 3nodding

Yeah, the family issue is a thing of the past, also not exaclty closest relatives, which explains why we heard the whole story afterwards, wandering all the time whats going on - thats the part where nurture comes in. Like you said, nature, ok, yeah, but i believe in nurture - when i think about how much your personality, the way we express ourselves, how we feel about others depends on our upbringing, i cant help but consider it more vital. I'm always shocked when i hear about families that shut of their children, dont show emotions, make them feel guilty - i used to know someone who was told by his mother that her life would have been wonderful if she had an abortion instead of getting married and ruining her chances.... i mean - how can someone grow into a self-respecting person, feeling loved, wanted and safe in such circumstances? and when you think about the disadvantages this puts on one, just by being born into such an enviroment, its hard to accept. The only good part about stories like that is making me aware of the fact how lucky i was and how grateful i am to my parents. Although - leaving the extremes aside, once you become a psychology student, some of us start to get really afraid of having kids - because the numbers of things you can do wrong, the numbers of critical events you need to play the right way - oh my, its like a marathon in a maze..... you realise the responsibility on a whole new level....overwhelmingly big level sweatdrop

eek is it really true??? about divi divi?? i mean how come??? how can the plant "sense" it??? i think you can call it suprise of the day ^^
Although for the time being i want to live in the city, i dont mind moving to the suburbs once having a family and such, and then - garden, gardening, digging, planting - i love my garden back home, as we have a pretty big one, and ever since i enjoyed comparing all the plants there, watching them bloom and trying to grow something on my own 3nodding

Dont worry about the lenght, hey, no need to make an essay out of it, as long as bring through what you want to say ^^ and taking more time to reply is fine as well, i know how it feels to come back after a day of classes, heat, and homework to prepare wink
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/23/2012 12:31 pm
Looks like a good thing to do... stop at the first part...
i tried to investigate the bottom of the cave after that soldier told me not to go further....scary - 3 level 13 monsters kicked my poor mogas pretty bad, only thanks to bonus attacks i was able to get out there alive... might take a look at those quests tomorrow or before going to sleep today ^^

Yeah, i can relate to that - especially people close to you are something one should be very careful when trying to help... had a case like that in the family, and it came out at the end that it got so complicated only because of the numbers of helpers included...but you're so right - people to like talking about themselves, at least a big part of our society, sometimes its even to much for me to stomach - like you know someone for 5 minutes and you get to know all about his relations, diseases, childhood - and i feel like overly gifted and try desperatelly to hold them back, knowing that some of them want you to do the same ... sweatdrop

when i looked at the Kim de Gelder story i was pretty shocked.. last year, when we had practical lessons, we visited a mental institution and there were some pretty nasty cases, like people being all their lives "silent and somehow strange", going berserk one day and killing someone because the way one laughed rubbed them up the wrong way... its was hard to stomach seeing an older man sitting silently on his bed observing you through his window knowing he killed two people without any hesitation or feelings of guilt. Then you get to understand the part about insanity defense, but like you said, i have a feeling its easy to fall back on it and use it to get away with a milder sentence, also we had stories with people feeling almighty, only because of their insanity declaration - because hey, you cant arrest me, im insane... luckily those were minor crimes, like stealing something from time to time, trespassing and so on... but still, like you said, very tricky question.

Teorethically the fireworks laws are strict, but in rural areas, people tend to buy and fire them on their own, so when your neighbours are into that kind of sport, you get to see them often - although i prefer the ones organised by the townhall better, simply because those are bigger and prettier ^^
Haha, yeah, sorry, i ment would ^^ and no, its not like my parents live in a forest, so mythical, but thats how it looks 30 minutes away on a bike, i tend to bicycle a lot when im home and the places you get to see are amazing! I know a place like that were you can rent a horse and enjoy a ride through the forests, its amazing - there are still places, were you wont meet people, only deers, foxes and such ^^
And the mountains ae like a 2-3 hours drive aways, so we used to go there pretty often when i was in high school.
Hmmm...when you put it that way, it sounds much more inviting! Kibrahacha looks gorgeous! it remind me a lil of our forsythia.
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/23/2012 6:47 am
A big, big thank you for the tip - i was about to do that quest, since i got it a while ago i looked for an easy, that would have been a suprise xd
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/23/2012 6:45 am
Well, who says helping cant be the side-effect of the need to understand? mrgreen but honestly, when we analyse patients lives, families, history, its often such a suprise to me, that ones live can still be more or less functional with a background like that.... thats when you want to help those people, because often its just not fair... at least it happens to me to feel this way ^^ (Breivik was also a case that well....fascinated me, but mostly scared, how its possible for people of his kind to hide such intentions, plans with nobody, as you mentioned, noticing anything...)

Haha, another "Erasmus-victim" - like you, i planned on going to France, Austria, Germany - to learn languages, use them and to discover Europe more comfortable with more time available.....well, turns out that when you study psychology, the programms dont exaclty match, so going for 6 months would mean one year to complete here - during the time abroad, your year goes on, whereas you have to fight once you come back to catch up and get the credit for the semester.... after hearing all that (plus the fact that Japan is not included 3nodding ) i was like "oh crap, i'm gonna do that once i finish my studies and find a nice job...." Hope it'll work out though ^^

Looks like in some ways our lives are pretty similar - family visits during the summer, catching up on family life - i see my parents more often - not only for the summer, but christmas and easter as well, but that would be it, so mainly pretty the same...
rofl you killed me with that second picture - i was already in my "wow, want to go mode" when i opened the second link and all my motivation was like gone right away gonk it even looks terribly hot! naaaa, not a place i want to spend my summer, way, way to hot.... but when i think about it - i used to spend my summer in the polish mountains - luckily, it was raining most of the time - the weather was great for me, although we rarely could enjoy the views - by the way, that pass is wonderful! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. - all covered in soft, red grass... miss it so much, we went there two times already and i would say no to a 3rd ^^
and thats closer to the area my parents live - User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. or User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/22/2012 6:15 am
nyahaha, if you enjoy analising and observing, you might make a pretty good one! for me the main problem is to shut up and let people lead, talk and hold back most of the time - since i tend to speak first, then think... but its a matter of practice, once you start getting used to it, its easy enough to enjoy observing, gathering information and trying to figure out the bigger picture instead of adding your part 3nodding

My guess is that french turn out so weak for me, because i never even been there, so learning a language with like no contact at all to the culture, country and people is pretty hard - its like learning a phone book..not to exciting mrgreen for know i'm happy with my three languages, but i plan on taking up the 4th again soon - most probably once i finish summer exams and complete this years share of my masters thesis... which might happen faster if i werent so easy to give up work and enjoy monster hunting in my free time wink

I do miss Austria a lot - i visit my grandma there every summer, so i spend a lot time there, and i always wonder if i should move there after finishing my studies - so like you, i dont mind moving around. In fact, there are so many places i want to see, to discover for myself, so many people i want to meet, its hard to imagine a perfect place for me to settle down. My parents live outside town, its nice during the summer to stay there, with the forests, meadows and space, but i get tired of it soon - i miss the architecture of older cities, the possibilities, the heart libraries heart

I wanted a Chuchilla evolution, but it took me some nerv to capture the one i have, so i decided to let it be for the moment and wait for newer mogas ^^
MissFroschkoenigin Report | 05/22/2012 1:24 am
ha, ha, nope, you were quite close with German - i'm from Austria ^^
moved to Poland long ago though.... forests, yeah, since my parents live in the southern part, well, there a few - and mountains.... but its the same you said, its beautiful, but to small, i prefer the northern/central part, with bigger cities around...
as for languages, i studied linguistic based on German (as it was only a formality for me, with english and basic french - which, for some reason, is not a language i enjoy...).
Yeah, my focus is clinical psychology, and thats where i hope to get a job....or as a plain therpist, that would be nice, too.
All in all its pretty harsh, because once you graduate, you hear about all the faculties that are needed/guarantee a job, but once you start it, it changes so fast. I still am positive though smile
So you're aiming to become a journalist? Thats one job i always admired for the fact that it's never boring and routine wont get you so fast wink

I'll send you a name tag, i just noticed (thanks to you) how useful they are. Evolution costs....i just got broke on my took like 10 seeds to capture all those lil furry foxes, not to mention my time and frustration ^^

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