I may get them one day. If I stop being so lazy.



What? You want to know about me? Try talking to me first. -_-


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Kuja Youko Report | 07/07/2014 8:17 pm
It's your fault for making them so sexy. emotion_kirakira *saves*
Kuja Youko Report | 07/04/2014 4:44 pm
PS: Your avatar heart *melts*
Kuja Youko Report | 06/19/2014 1:31 pm
Seriously? emotion_kirakira I like the idea, maybe I should do the same. I've been rather apathetic and depressed lately.
Maybe all Sugar is trying to do is help your feet get more air in such hot weather. emotion_awesome I know! I've wondered that too, she kind of did a couple of times, though. When the Red Ribbon, and when she went to Nameku. Maybe she got underestimated because she is not the melee-fighting type? *wondering* I agree with ye. ♥
I have my doubts. Some people seem to be so stubborn even after death, some ghosts are the proof of this, but I too wil hope for them to learn fast. I know you can be quite persuasive. =w= ♥
Oh yes, we'd be careful to pick them for the different needed tasks/jobs, maybe we can put to good use the most stubborn of them. ♥ They might be more stubborn than the Necromorphs. Irrafay the Dreadfully Tenacious, the perfect kind of stubborn the world needs to be led on. emotion_kirakira XD
I see. Have you had any goats? I Love their strange pupils. Hope this is not nosy of me, since I didn't have the chance to meet her, but if you do go to visit her grave, could you send her my regards and maybe a little flower?
So do I. XD Especially if they include videogames, chocolate, dry meat, and glitter.
Did you knock them off by doing them or did you just KO them in a moment of rage? XD
Kuja Youko Report | 06/18/2014 11:41 am
Yeah, it's pretty difficult to keep oneself motivated at times, but it seems so natural and easy for that little potato. ♥
Little Acid has her dogly revenge on your socks. XD Bulma rocks. ♥ Ghostly sisters, I Love that kind of theme in stories. =w=
Yeah, managing the whole world after conquering must be the hardest part. As stubborn as humans are, I wonder how much compost x care it would require to make them obedient.
Ugh, I only miss the silly confidence and narcissism I had back when I was 16. XD Don't worry, I'm sorry if by asking I brought back bad memories. Let's not unearth that old corpse, I'm glad you overcame it. ♥ Hahaha, I agree! However, not just any woman, >.> some women can be as stubborn as men. I like tenacious women, though. emotion_kirakira
So it is true? Goats eat anything they can? I've heard of such things. XD It's alright, she was a protective mother, and it sounds like she was a lovely tiny mare. ♥ May she rest in peace.
Our own Hermit party, yes please! emotion_kirakira You'll always be welcome in my hermit cave.
Let them be, just enjoy them one by one. X3
Kuja Youko Report | 05/30/2014 7:56 pm
I know, it must be hard to be so tiny, cute, and motivating. X3 ♥
I see. XD Do you still play with Sugar in a different way? Those are the best bodyguards we could ask for. ♥ Even Bulma can be pretty scary. X3 Fantasmical! Yes! emotion_kirakira
Indeed, conquering the world and keeping everyone healthy/happy/controlled must need a very advanced logistic. Lots of compost, we'd have lots of healthy farmland, and obedient minions. emotion_kirakira And lots of pretty red colours.
I had a lot of mood changes in those years. *Shivers* dreadful times. I've never been able to stand teenagers, not even when I was one. Wow, you were a very angry little woman. XD! What is the worst thing you did? (if you can share). With us ruling when we had our best sense of justice, I bet the world would be a much better place. ♥
Night(mares) can eat children in the dark. They must be pregnant with morbid thoughts. Another mystery solved. I think. Your mare sounds like a very well-fed one. XD I hope she never tried eating the dogs when they were little, if they met at all at that time. >.<
I'm planning to be a hermit too, but if I'm not by then, I'll bring the chocolate. emotion_kirakira
That's is wonderful to know. The tool paradise. heart
If I manage to finish mine, or if you really need help with some, I'll gladly aid. X3
Kuja Youko Report | 05/30/2014 10:23 am
It accomplished its mission. ♥
That sounds like it was the main reason. Did you jostle her around? Let them hate all they want, we'll have the saiyan-jin by our side, we'll start our own power empire. emotion_dowant Another mystery solved, we're a good team. emotion_kirakira
Love your entrepreneurial mind. XD If showing people the rocketing to the Sun stops being effective, we can show them some sexy pictures/videos of our necromorphs. emotion_kirakira
I'm glad my prudence has always been stronger than my violence. The perks of being female. emotion_awesome I can see us both when small, like a pair of pale and possessed little porcelain dolls causing terror in the hearts of children and adults alike. emotion_kirakira ♥ Feed your sense of Justice, and it shall grow. X3 This one must have been pregnant. X°D Pineapple icecream?
I hate parties too! But I have to admit, some of the least bad ones I've gone to were LGBTQ or Metal/Goth-themed. X3
Oh. ♥ I like to improvise, so I'll use tools according to the situation, then. =w=
XD! I'll take mine as a challenge. emotion_dowant I'll do as many as I can, it helps to motivate me.
Kuja Youko Report | 05/29/2014 10:49 am
Glad you liked it. X3
Wonder if that made Sugar's acidness worse. XD We could open a training ground, we can collect all the energy that's spent in it, we'd have an endless supply. Maybe this is how the spaceships in the anime were actually powered. D:
What a wonderful idea. ♥ We should have a composting room, so they can make a mess there as they please. emotion_kirakira
Maybe some of them did, at least the only two girls, but I didn't want to take the risk. x.x Yes, the small, tender, and quiet ones are those you have to watch out for sometimes. X3 Mweheheh. I'm proud that you have a sense of justice, it seems to be such a rare thing. ♥ I was like that too, I didn't enjoy hitting/biting them, but I did if I had to.
I'm sorry for all of them, but they'll recover. >: Are pregnant mares more dangerous than hail? o.o
That sounds like a Gay party I was once in. X°D
Which tool do you prefer? ♥
It is. XD But it gives us motivation to go on, even if we might never finish them. emotion_awesome We might need to come back a few times.
Kuja Youko Report | 05/28/2014 5:20 pm
PS: I came across this and thought it would maybe make you laugh and fight the lazies, at least a bit. X3
Kuja Youko Report | 05/28/2014 11:36 am
Ok, ok, you knew them better than I could ever. XD If they did, I can't blame them, some dogs are so much fun to scare. emotion_dowant Yes! Goku! emotion_kirakira I'm sure he'd be willing to spend some good time and help with the energy experiment. I wonder if Bulma or her father ever thought of this too.
What a wonderful idea. ♥ I can help you manage and have those handsome necromorphs happy and doing their jobs. emotion_kirakira
Some of them came looking for me, since they all lived close to my house, but I would lie and say that my mother had grounded me and I couldn't go out to play. I was afraid. x.x When I was small I got into many fights, because I would always stand up against anything that I considered unfair (for others and for myself). I looked so small and tender children would soemtimes attack me, thinking they could frighten/overpower me, but they often regretted it; girls or boys. emotion_dowant But, I stopped reacting violently around the time I turned 12, it may have been because it was also the time when I first got depressed. I'm so proud that you stood up against bullies too. emotion_kirakira And I'm happy that this bully didn't hit you. Your tush. X°D What a lovely word. ♥
The plants, that's what I always worry the most about when it hails. crying Poor of your banana trees.
I think it's just a challengue to keep going. ♥ I just hope the universe stop throwing boulders along the wrenches. XD
Yes, I'm sure you'll find it. I Believe in you, Sexy Pixels. X3 heart And I'll be here to help you poke hard those cracks. emotion_awesome
Another beautiful thing to the To Do List I'm working on. emotion_kirakira
Kuja Youko Report | 05/27/2014 12:21 pm
I bet your kitties only wanted to show some monsterly love to your dogs. X3 Yes, I assume the scaring had a lot to do with it. XD I know, we need energy to keep things at a decent temperature during Summer. I wonder who'll be the lucky kidnapped Saiyan and how we'll keep him hooked. XD One mystery off the list, another 1,000 to solve. ♥
Even if I was starting to like the idea of hiding behind you, that's such a relief. ♥ I just hope they UnTeddy-beared don't cause a revolt if you allow too many to roam, those treacherous rats.
I can imagine. ♥ When I was little the kids in my street were a bit older than me and dangerous, I did hang out with them several times, but they were not so much fun. I stopped hanging out with them because one time one of them was drugged and he got violent and broke my lip, he probably regretted it because I went into berserk mode and pushed his staggering pathetic self on the cobbled street, and kicked him many times, I made him fall and kept hitting him. emotion_donotwant One of the oldest girls came and stopped me. >.> I went back to my house and tried to avoid them as much as possible for the rest of the year, until we moved, and I never saw them again. How were you able to sit? Did it heal quick? >.< Thank you. emotion_kirakira
Evil Memorial Day, another excuse to promote war and give it a Virtuous MakeUp... and it took Game of Thrones away from me. emotion_donotwant I'll do my best to finish the challengue, things always come up. x.x
How can I help you break the spell? Don't give up, Sexy Pixels. heart It Is helping me, little by little... but, I'm sad to know it may not be helping you as much. emotion_8c
I need to watch that Dexter. But yes! That's one example of it. emotion_kirakira