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Constantly updating

{Number 0 : The Fool}
Honorable // Brazen // Kind Hearted

          Jobs? Protagonist Lv 5, Red Mage Lv 7, Astrologist Lv , Summoner Lv
          Currently: becoming Hope and shooting Firaja towards haters.
          Normally? Ness, Non, Hope, Saviour, and many more
          Orientation: Ren
          Age: Old.
          Hobbies? uh, cosplaying on Gaia and maybe hoping for some fe roleplay?
          Contact? I made a new tumblr here. Pm me, Skype is tungsten-senpai, please label yourself when you send a request! Or else you will be blocked and reported as Spam.

          Dislikes? Plenty. Figure 'em out.
          Like(s)? One specific thing that if you touch it, might lose a finger or two.
          Abilities? thisisn'tfinalfantasy I can decipher old greek, I can talk to animals (well, canine's), and the ability to hear you talk s**t behind your screen.
          Wishlist? Senpai's not noticing you, but you can PM me for a wishlist. For my birthday? Ship me my boyfriend so he can be happy.
          Some wisdom? Not really much I can divulge at present. I'm happy with the love of my life, trying to remain ahead of the stress here and yes I've taken the liberty to ignore a good chunk of people that know who they are. As little as I have now, I still make do with what I have. I enjoy every day a little bit better than the last, and I have the will to move on. Hope is the virtue I tend to cling to, but as long as I brighten the path with it everything should be fine.

          at the end of it all, I might stick around a little longer than planned. Will you have me at your side as your blade?



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"welcome back."

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